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Мusic Gateway sends member to Midem 2018

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The beach, summer sun, the French Riviera and music… Sounds like a summer holiday? We’re actually talking about Midem!

Midem is the music industry’s leading international event for connecting innovative digital companies, brands and talents in a four-day networking, conference and concert bonanza. The goal of Midem is to get participants to help shape the future by creating and exchanging innovations in music. Midem is also there to help develop new partnerships and strengthen those that already exist.

We sent Joy Aimee to Midem after she won a ticket from our giveaway. We caught up with her to hear how the experience was and give us some juicy inside details!

Joy had never been to a networking conference of that size before and stated that the vibe was amazing.

“I have attended several networking events in London from the famous Notting Hill to more private A&R listening sessions but this was the most buzzing in terms of energy and people to meet! The content of the talks was also so informative and there was plenty to learn from current industry minds.”

Joy’s goal for Midem was to build connections for potential business and collaborations whilst meeting other artists from all over the world.

“Midem was the perfect place for this. I met several publishers and a couple of labels from Europe who I connected with and we shared details. Ever since I have been talking to a few as we draft up contracts and work on getting some releases out there.”

The publishers that Joy connected with came from different parts of the world, such as Montreal, the UK and Germany, showing just how international Midem is. One of the publishers is already pitching her songs to their clients and the other publishers are also talking about potential collaborations and projects.

“I also connected with a great company in the Netherlands who I signed a non-exclusive deal with and have written several originals for them already so soon they will start pitching to their networks. Another great individual I met was a writer who runs several writing camps around Europe and works closely with Eurovision and so possible collaborations may come from this as we are currently in conversation.”

It’s been said time and time again: In the music industry it’s not what you know, it’s who you know! That’s why networking events such as Midem are so important for indie artists.

“The idea was daunting at first to be out there at such a big event alone but there are so many indie artists doing it and it’s great to connect and learn from them. It’s the best place to be to get the current knowledge you can use practically in your own work. Not to mention the networks you make of people open to do work with up and coming artists.”

If you weren’t able to go to Midem and find yourself publishers and other contacts like Joy Aimee did, you can use the Мusic Gateway platform to find those collaborations and projects yourself. Joining Мusic Gateway gives you access to our global community of industry professionals. Joy Aimee is a beloved Мusic Gateway member.

“I am on the Influencer account and it has opened up so many collaborations and opportunities that I would never have got elsewhere. They also hold several of unique opportunities on a regular basis which when building up your networks and releases is essential. The scope of it too is on a worldwide basis so helps you grow your music business internationally too.”

If you’d like to learn more about Мusic Gateway and how you can use it to advance your music career, click below. 

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