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Top Italian Publisher Seeks Bespoke Music Through Music Gateway

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Don’t we have a brilliant opportunity for you! Music Media (top Italian music publishing company) have recently posted a project through our site in search for new compositions to create a new library of music to add to their all ready extensive catalogue of music. This is a VERY exciting opportunity for any professional musicians out there who have an interest in making theme based music and to have their music used in Italy.

The brief specifies that Music Media need a library of music suitable for EXTREME SPORTS (High speed cars, motor car race) at 150bpm or more for the use in Italian TV/Film. For each successful track the sum of €200 shall be paid and your composition will be exposed to a wide audience of Italian viewers!

This is an ‘On Spec Project’. This helps the publisher pick the right composer for the job to best meet their requirements by viewing your Music Gateway profile to ensure that their time and your time isn’t wasted in the selection process. This makes it easier and more efficient for both parties involved. If you would like to be involved with this then please send your pitches to Music Media through our platform and good luck!

For more information on this exciting opportunity check out their project post:

Music Media boasts a catalogue of over 300,000 songs since starting operations in 1997 with roots as far back to the 1950’s! With over three generations of expertise Music Media specialises in working with jingles, synchronisation, publishing projects and branded products. Their years of expertise and strong contacts are what make them into a top music publishing company that you should definitely do business with.

This is a great example of the ways that Music Gateway can be used to find work in the area of publishing/synchronisation in TV/film. To be picked as the platform to be used by Music Media is a great honour and we urge as many of you musicians out there to get stuck in and pitch for this project!

Furthermore, if you are a publishing company this is a great example of how using Music Gateway can open you up to a whole network of composers that will be willing to add to your current catalogue of music. So take note and get started.

Share and tweet this opportunity around online to anyone you feel will benefit from this opportunity and if they are not already currently registered with Music Gateway then extra brownie points if you get them to do so!

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