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‘TrailerTrax’ Expands in New Innovative Ways

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We recently caught up with Production Music Company for Music/Film ‘TrailerTrax’. TrailerTrax is a brilliant production music library with thousands of tracks in all genres for all media formats. They offer custom scoring and as a media client, you simply submit a custom brief and receive customised music within hours.

With some of the best hand-picked independent media composers throughout the world submitting music to their library. We were able to discuss with them about what they were up to now, their  previous success with Music Gateway, and advice/tips to our members about how to make the most out of our business platform.

 Tell us a bit about yourself, your background

TrailerTrax was formed last year and it has been growing at an amazing rate since its inception. We now have around seventy composers, bands and solo artists and they’re all very talented musicians! We have BAFTA nominees and MPSE winners and nominees amongst our team. We also have some awesome emerging bands and artists from the UK such as The People The Poet and Houdini Dax, both of which have already had a number of successful sync placements and a large amount of BBC radio play. Every musician that signs up is vetted and every track submitted to the library is reviewed for quality before being added. We simply want to provide a platform for artists to gain exposure through sync opportunities, whilst providing truly awesome music for our media clients. Clients can either browse our library or request bespoke music for their projects. We have set licenses that can be acquired right away or you can name the price you want to pay.

 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

We love using MG. You guys have created a great hub for musicians and media creatives. The sync briefs come in on a daily basis and our composers really enjoy these additional opportunities. We are also enjoying your playlist feature and meta-tagging facility. It allows us to create bespoke playlists for clients to access tracks for their briefs as soon as they come in from our composers. Clients can favourite tracks, download mp3 versions for temping etc. It’s a great feature.


Tell us a bit about your most recent project, are any of the results being released any time soon for people to check out?

We have an awesome project about to launch called the ‘Redhouse Sessions’  We have teamed up with the UK media production company AOTV to produce a number of videos showcasing some of the talented and emerging UK artists signed to our service. The artists will each carry out a live performance in the stunning Redhouse building in South Wales. This will be filmed and then the tracks will be available to purchase and license via TrailerTrax. We will be using Music Gateway to find bands and solo artists for this project as well as using some bands that we have already lined up. The video performances will be promoted via the Redhouse, AOTV, TrailerTrax, Merthyr Tydfil College/University of South Wales and their social media sites. The bands will also be able to use the video footage for promotional purposes.

What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

For certain projects it is the convenience of your website that works for us at TrailerTrax. The workspace resembles a fusion of Dropbox and Soundcloud with ease of access to file sharing and communicating with either clients or musicians. As I have said previously, the playlist feature is definitely a step up from dumping a load of tracks in a folder and sharing them via certain file sharing services. Being able to keep the links private and password protected helps too!

What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career?

I think the website is a great platform for individuals first and foremost. I have noticed all kinds of projects on the site: musicians looking for producers, 200k sync searches, libraries and indie labels looking to sign artists, musicians looking to collaborate with other musicians etc.If you are good enough then getting involved in these projects will definitely help your career to progress. We recently advertised for musicians to sign to TrailerTrax via Music Gateway and the response was great. I believe we signed around 15 to 20 artists from that search.

 What advice would you give to members in order to staying pro-active on the website?

I think as a member you should keep your profile in check. Make sure you have information in the bio section that will sell you or your company to others. Back this up with videos and audio files so clients can see your work and hear how good your music is. Check your emails or log in once a day. There are always projects being posted so you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out. Also, if you have been accepted into the workspace then get the work done right away. If you are submitting music then make sure you tag your tracks!!! This is something that we have to remind our composers of on TrailerTrax. Tagging is so important for sync opps. A supervisor with hundreds if not thousands of tracks will not bother to spend time trying to find out who created a particular cue. If it is not tagged and they can’t quickly find who to contact for clearance… then it will probably be replaced.

If you’d like to get involved in our daily dose of sync licensing projects, explore the use of our new playlist feature or equally if you’d like to connect with companies like TralierTrax , sign up to Music Gateway today!


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