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Case Studies

New Sync License for Variety Actors on Actors

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Variety Actors on Actors

We are very pleased to announce that Marc Robillard’s track “Let Me Fly” has been secured for a sync licensing placement in a show from Variety studio, ‘Actors on Actors’.

What is Variety Actors on Actors?

Variety Actors on Actors is a unique and insightful YouTube series that delves deep into the world of cinema and television, showcasing candid dialogues between renowned actors. With its emphasis on genuine, off-the-cuff conversations, the show gives viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the experiences, insights, and challenges faced by some of Hollywood’s most celebrated names.

Over the years, Variety Actors on Actors has featured a myriad of star-studded pairings that have both intrigued and entertained audiences. Among the various episodes, notable pairings have included conversations between Don Cheadle and Claire Danes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Matt LeBlanc, as well as Julianna Margulies. The dynamic chemistry between these actors, paired with their shared experiences in the industry, has often led to revelations, laughter, and touching moments.

Notable Episodes

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the most popular episode of Variety Actors on Actors, given the plethora of star-studded interactions, pairings such as Evan Rachel Wood with Millie Bobby Brown and Elisabeth Moss with Riz Ahmed have garnered significant attention and praise from fans and critics alike.

As for the upcoming episodes, viewers can eagerly anticipate the latest season which will spotlight some of the biggest names in TV, including Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Coolidge, and Pedro Pascal. These talented actors are sure to bring fresh perspectives, intriguing stories, and perhaps even a few surprises.

The show, which can be found on Variety’s Youtube channel, features actors discussing popular films and TV shows. Guests on the show include Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more.

We would like to say congrats to Jim & Mark at Pop Up Music and their artist Marc on the sync license news – and a big thank you for working with us on this project! If you are looking for music sync opportunities and getting music placements in TV, Film, Video Games and Ads, please check out our Sync Licensing details on our website. Or, if you’d like to soak up more knowledge on music supervisors, music licensing, sync deals, music placement opportunities and more, have a look at our website.

If you would like to know more about getting your music heard on TV, film, advertising, gaming and more with sync licensing, then check out our Sync Licensing page here.


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