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We Discuss How Rushin’s Goals Were Quickly Met Through A Publishing Deal On The Site

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Born January 1986 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, being of Aquarian descent and raised by a single mother, Rushin Mohamed also known as Addin Moflava is an aspiring Hip Hop/Rap artist with 5 years’ experience in the music industry both internationally as well as locally.

Addin Moflava has worked hand in hand for 5 years with a well-known overseas online radio station, Hip Hop National Radio”, which has assisted him in understanding music as a business as well as being able to understand what it takes for artists to be successful in this industry.  Addin Moflava has written 40 songs which have been recorded and are available to the world.

Currently working on 2 new songs with hopes of completing this year, Moflava is also working on funding a new music video for Light of Mine & Realist. We caught up with him to discuss how his goals have been met, he’s new music publishing deal through the platform and how rap artists can benefit from Мusic Gateway

#1 How’re you enjoying the platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

I am really enjoying and taking full advantage of the platform, as members are updated via email whenever new projects are posted that match your skills and music abilities.  I am grateful for being able to pitch my music to executives for free as we receive 3 free pitches per month which are revolutionizing for upcoming artists.

#2 You’ve done quite a few projects, are any of the results being released anytime soon for people to check out?

Yes, I have done a few projects with positive feedback.  My latest being offered a publishing deal with GD78 Music LTD. This is by far a major accomplishment for me as an upcoming rap artist.

#3 What was your goal when you first joined the site? Have your needs been met?

My major goal was getting connected to A&R’s music executives, TV radio and or sync placements.  I have been connected and now just await placement so yes my goal is close to being accomplished.

#4 In your opinion, where do you see the music Rap industry heading, do you believe new and upcoming artists can benefit from sites such as Мusic Gateway?

With artist such as myself, I believe a solid positive change is happening in the Rap industry and thus moving it Forward.  Henceforth all upcoming artists can benefit majorly from Мusic Gateway as an effective and efficient tool that will enable artists to further their careers and also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with major executives without having to spend money.

#5 What are the main advantages for you with running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?

Мusic Gateway gives us not just the opportunity to connect but also to collaborate as well as promote our music as opposed to just being able to connect with executives.  Here artist can work together to achieve a greater outcome.

#6 What advice would you give to other members looking to utilise the site to aid their career?

To all aspiring artists looking to get their music promoted across the globe, to collaborate with other artists no matter the genre, I would definitely give the go ahead and suggest aspiring musicians to utilize Мusic Gateway as a way to get into the industry and make solid connections.  Мusic Gateway has inspired me to perfect my craft as a musician as I now have the platform to move my career forward in a positive way.  Being a part of the music gateway community is definitely a must and aspiring artists can plant their feet down and move Forward in their careers.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the artist’s work, you can check out his reverbnation page here. You can also find him on: Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. He also has a Chat Room Report Show Here.

If you’d like help in regards to developing your career or equally if you’d like to connect with people like Rushin ,sign up to Мusic Gateway today!


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