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Jas takes MG back to its roots with 2 albums and 5 featured singles across 4 genres in 5 months

Author Sophie Small  |  26 June 2018

Before world domination, and by that I mean creating the ultimate file storage system to aid musicians and music companies with their own missions for world domination, we were a platform run...

Music Gateway meets Whodiniz

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 June 2018

For the last two years, Dean Facey, better known by his artist name Whodiniz has been working on his vision to create the best label for independent artists…

Universal Production Music Praise Early Adoption of Private Network

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 June 2018

Universal Production Music have a vast production schedule in order to maintain their equally music massive catalogue. This requires many exchanges between their offices and teams in multiple...

Sandy McKnight Syncs “Young Hearts on Fire” for Upcoming Film

Author Mary Woodcock  |  31 May 2018

It never gets old working with the talented members of Music Gateway. Sandy McKnight is one of our Influencer members, a 40-year veteran of the music business and one of the latest members to...

Hot House Tracks and Fred Fat with Inspirational Recording’s Mark Pashley

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 May 2018

As a member of Music Gateway, Mark Pashley, head of record label: Inspirational Recordings, found success from a project he posted looking for quality House Music tracks. We had a quick chat with...

Jass Yang – Bringing The New Taiwanese Sound to London

Author Manny Sanjurjo  |  28 February 2018

Here at Music Gateway we wanted to give a big-up to Jass Yang, who will be releasing his first solo album as an independent artist at the end of this year. Taiwanese musician Jass Yang has already...

From Working Mum to International Film Composer – Melissa Engleman’s Story

Author Manny Sanjurjo  |  28 February 2018

Even though at first glance the music industry might seem like a dark and faceless world where only the very few lucky ones can make a living, the truth is that there are many more opportunities...

Red Square Music’s own Hammadi Boujmal – Industry Talk

Author Manny Sanjurjo  |  06 February 2018

From Music Gateway we got in contact with Hammadi Boujmal, owner of the prestigious music company Red Square Music (which has among its catalog music which has been featured in 2011 block-buster...

The Modern Strangers – Rocking Their Placement in Made In Chelsea!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 January 2018

We want to congratulate our members, The Modern Strangers, for their placement on Made in Chelsea! This has been a major stepping-stone for the 5 piece indie-disco band from Tunbridge...

Indie Publisher’s Pop Up Music Talk Signing Writers, Working with Members of Blondie and Sync

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 September 2017

  Tell us a bit about yourself and pop-up music? Son of a bluesman I grew up making tea in my dad’s/bluesman’s recording studio sitting in on sessions with bands like The Troggs...

Producer Baxt Talks Remixes, Making Money and Collaborating

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 September 2017

London based producer Baxt knows the importance of collaborations he talks of this and why he loves remix projects

Successful Collaborations – How It’s Done, by Music Gateway Member Matt Palfreman

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 September 2017

Matt Palfreman talks collaborations, the importance of a good work ethic and Trump impressions in the latest Music Gateway Case Study

Battle of the Brands: The score with Brands and Artists

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 July 2017

A brand has to look kind on the eye, but they also need to be pleasing to the ears. Here’s a look at how brands select music artists to collaborate with.

As Streaming Giants Battle It Out, Who Will Be Victorious?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 July 2017

Streaming is undoubtedly one of the most talked about aspects of the current music industry, but, how has it come to be that our most loved streaming platform is dissolving in front of our own...

How Lars Deutsch went from Metal Guitarist to Movie Maestro

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 April 2017

We spoke to Lars Deutsch a multi-award winning talented musician who has perfected his craft in composition to write a whole host of scores for film and TV. As well as working alongside artist to...

Music Gateway Meets: Natalie Tuvey

Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 March 2017

We spoke Natalie Tuvey, a talented London based singer who is making a name for herself performing in well-known venues across London. Recently taking part in a Music Gateway competition alongside...

The Musicians of Syria

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 January 2017

Five years and 450,000 casualties later, the Syrian civil war has continued to question our understanding of what unconscionable atrocity actually looks like. Amongst the anguish and bloodshed,...

A Beacon of Light In the Music Industry

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 January 2017

In the competitive world of music startups, I came across a group of young startup hustlers that may just have created the secret sauce.

Claire Rodrigues Lee talks taking the Asian Music Market by storm

Author Mary Woodcock  |  25 January 2017

Claire Rodrigues Lee, a talented songwriter who has cornered the K Pop market, writing hits for K Pop sensations Girl Generation, Red Velvet and more. Claire’s talent hasn’t gone a miss at Music...

Find out about the artist selected in HIP Video Promo’s opportunity.

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 December 2016

Romanian band Vama, have received $5k worth of video promotion, find out about the band here and see the video that was selected.