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10 Of Our Favourite Famous Movie Quotes

Photograph of the blog post author, Jodie Francis

Jodie Francis


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Love quoting from films? Let’s see if you know all of our top ten famous movie quotes! Sometimes quotes will just stay with you, especially if they are spoken in incredibly famous or well-loved films. 

Movie Quotes

Having some famous quotes from movies on hand can come in handy for games, trivia, and just to lighten up a situation! So, make sure that you keep reading to familiarise yourself with some funny love quotes from movies, famous one line quotes from movies, and so many more!

10 Of The Most Famous Movie Quotes

Let’s jump straight in and review 10 of the most famous movie quotes.

10. Shrek (2001) – Best Movie Quotes

shrek - Movie Quotes

“Ogres are like onions.”

Would any list of famous quotes from movies be complete without Shrek? Well, we sure don’t think so! This quote comes from a conversation between Shrek and Donkey – it’s so memorable because it’s hinting that people have more to them than meets the eye. 

This kind of message is vital for the audience that the film is trying to target. We love how this metaphor coveys Shrek’s complicated personality as not just a grumpy ogre. Let’s face it, we’re probably all like onions in some way!

If you’re in need of a few care-free hours, then we recommend that you watch the Shrek films – they are perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

9. Pride And Prejudice (2005) – Best Movie Quotes

pride and prejudice - Movie Quotes

“You have bewitched me, body and soul.”

This is just one of the many screen adaptations of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice novel (1813), but we would argue that it’s one of the best and most memorable (sorry Colin Firth).

The chemistry between Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy) and Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Bennett) is truly electric. 

This remains one of the most famous love quotes from movies, as it tumbles out of Mr. Darcy’s mouth as he eventually conveys to Elizabeth his true feelings for her. All you Jane Austen fans out there will know that this line doesn’t appear in the novel, but we think it works so well.

So, what are you waiting for? Put this movie on and get ready to swoon! It’s the perfect date night movie, or it’s great to watch with your friends at your next movie night. 

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8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

my big fat greek wedding - Movie Quotes

“Put some Windex on it.”

Okay, so maybe when you consider famous wedding quotes from movies this one doesn’t come to mind, but it is pretty famous! This rom-com remains a favourite of so many people, mainly because of the memorable and lovable characters

This quote remains part of a running joke that a father believes that spraying Windex can help to cure anything. This pertains to his daughter’s wedding day, as she wakes up with a huge spot on her face and guess what her dad suggests… you guessed it, Windex!

This idea then rubs off on her new husband! This is such a quotable line from the movie. If you need cheering up, then we definitely recommend that you put this movie on the screen – it’s sure to put a smile on your face!

7. Terminator (1984-2019)


“I’ll be back.”

If you’re looking for famous one-line quotes from movies, then arguably it doesn’t get more famous than this one!

This is such a memorable line that when you think of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can’t help but think of it.

It’s used in the films (you guessed it) to warn people that his character will be back. It’s cool to think that the line can be used as a comfort or a warning. The Terminator films are great sci-fi action movies to check out. 

6. Love Actually (2003) 

love actually

“To me, you are perfect.”

This is one of the most famous love quotes from movies – from one of the most famous romantic movies! Love Actually follows multiple storylines in the build-up to Christmas. Juliet has just married Mark’s best friend, but he has a secret – he’s in love with her!

The only way that he can tell her is by holding up flashcards, and one of them is written the famous quote. You may not like the fact that he has kind of betrayed his best friend by telling her this, but at least you have something to write in your next Valentine’s Day card!

This is the ideal movie to watch in the lead-up to Christmas day, as it’s sure to put you in a festive mood. 

5. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

the silence of the lambs

“I’m having an old friend for dinner.” 

There are many famous movie lines from this film, but this has got to be one of the most memorable. As we all know, Hannibal Lecter is a cannibal. So, when he says that he’s having an old friend for dinner, there are very much two distinct possible meanings.

We think that you’ll agree that this is both a funny and disturbing quote. Even if you aren’t a fan of horror films, we recommend that you make an exception for this one simply because this is one of Anthony Hopkins’s best performances. In fact, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 1992 for this movie.

4. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

shaun of the dead

“You’ve got red on you.”

There are so many great one-liners from this movie that we struggled to pick just one! This quote won though, because of its comedic double meaning.

Throughout the movie, plenty of different characters tell Shaun that he’s got red on him. The first time it happens a red pen has exploded in his pocket and all over his white shirt.

Later on though, the red is a little more ominous, as there’s plenty of blood and gore thanks to all the zombies he needs to kill!

This film is one of the funniest zombie movies out there, and we highly recommend that you check it out. 

3. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)

breakfast at tiffanys

“It should take you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I’ll give you two.”

If you’re looking for famous Audrey Hepburn quotes from movies, then look no further!

In this film, she played Holly Golightly. We love how feisty this line is and we’re pretty sure that there are a few people you’d like to quote it to!

If you haven’t watched it yet, go ahead and rent Breakfast At Tiffany’s – it’s a classic film that everyone should watch at one point in their lives. 

2. Saw (2004) 

saw movie

“I want to play a game.”

When it comes to famous horror film quotes, it doesn’t get much better than this one. It conveys the horror and threat that’s waiting for the victims of Jigsaw’s twisted games. Games are supposed to be fun, and clearly what’s waiting for them (torture and death) will not be.

However, it is fun for Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) as he truly believes that these people are getting what they deserve. After all, it’s a game and he’s giving them a fair chance of winning, right? (Wrong!)

If you have a strong stomach and enjoy horror films then we recommend that you check out this franchise

1. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

the devil wears prada

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

This movie is so quotable – mainly thanks to the character of Miranda Priestly!

She spoke this famous movie quote in her typical sassy and scary way. The character of Miranda is based on the Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and this sparked the idea for The Devil Wears Prada novel by Lauren Weisberger.

Meryl Streep is perfect as this character, and she steals the screen every time she walks on. This line is spoken at a meeting and is the perfect put-down for one of her employees, who already seem terrified to speak in her presence!

We can’t recommend this film enough, as it’s funny, touching, and fun!

That Was Our Review Of The Best Movie Quotes

quotes from movies

So, there we have it – a list of our most famous movie quotes! While there are of course many more out there – these are our most favourites.

We recommend that you check out all of the movies on this list so that you can watch the lines spoken for yourself! You can find most of these films on streaming platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

So, do you agree with all of our famous movie quotes? Do you think we missed any? We recommend making your own list – as it’s super fun. Plus, you’ll then have a ready-made famous movies lines list to quote from! 

Would you like to read more exciting film and movie content? Then head over to Мusic Gateway – we have got you covered! There’s a range of articles for you to check out. For example, Our Top 10 Favourite Dance Films, Best End Of The World Movies, Best Business Movies and so much more! 

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