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5 Reasons Why Artists Should Consider DIY Marketing

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Marketing plays a huge role in the exposure and popularity of an artist and therefore is an extremely important factor to any musician’s success. Although there are many music marketing businesses available, they are often expensive and can be unappealing to those wanting to make their own decisions within the industry; causing DIY marketing to be an option.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider DIY marketing:

#1 You are able to create an identifiable brand that suits you 

Having an identifiable brand is extremely important and plays a big part in your success and popularity within the music industry.

One advantage of marketing your own music is that you have full control over the way in which you want your brand to be represented, such as with logo creation, colour themes and much more. Additionally, another benefit of creating your own identifiable brand is that by being able to work at your own pace, you will gain a better understanding of marketing and how to perfect your skills, making it easier for you to learn what works well as well as allowing you to take an active part in ensuring your brand is being identified as you want it to be.

Having an identifiable brand is all about keeping consistent URLS’ and the same profile picture across all social media sites to help those looking up your music to recognise your brand immediately whilst also making it look more professional. No matter how good your music, if your audience cannot find your work and online platforms easily, it will all be for nothing!

#2 You can get to know which sites are best for promotion and most popular for your individual brand

By keeping a track of your social media sites, you will begin to get an idea as to certain status’, uploads and content that are popular with your followers and can continue to use these in your favour to increase popularity.

In turn, this will help you to have better access to promotion opportunities such as magazine features and possible collaborations on YouTube, which could highly impact your following.

There are many websites that could help you to track your social media sites such as “Bufferapp” in which 3 million people are involved and using to post updates across all their social media sites at once! The site allows you to monitor millions of sources, meaning you can sort notifications you receive and never lose an important social media notification, which is important when you are trying to attract fans. Another website which may be of help in DIY marketing is Google Analytics which is especially useful to any artist using a website to market as it gives you the ability to gain statistics on how many visits your site receives from each of your social media sites.

#3 Building your popularity in ways that suit you

By managing your own work, you will be able to choose which opportunities you wish to get involved in and ensure that your followers are being updated on these events, regularly listening to your work and getting involved (such as through social media sites.) Networking events, fan meet-ups, and gigs are just a few of the many ways in which you can both build your network and help you  interact with your fans / possible music businesses.

Furthermore, it has been found that emails are a great way of updating fans and marketing on a regular basis since the email can contain updates of recent events and releases and go directly to the person receiving them. This is more likely to encourage fans to get involved and will also direct them to the route of any new information you feel may benefit them if it is not in the email.

#4 You can stick to the vision you have for your brand

Often, artists and management do not have the same vision for the brand they are part of/promoting which can lead to disagreements. By marketing yourself, you have the freedom to control and create your own style of work without the boundaries often held by larger record labels who have many different artists to work with and may not spend as much time as you would desire on your brand.

#5 You can be as creative as you wish and have time to improve your music through any constructive criticism you receive 

Through receiving feedback (sometimes as simple as through YouTube comments), you will be able to adapt your creativity and learn for yourself what works well; without the limitations of having to go through the decision-making process with someone else.

If you’re looking for marketing services for your project/or musical release or want to collaborate feel free to sign-up! Get started on your marketing journey today. 

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