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Bandwagon – Booking gigs is easy!

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Music Gateway is happy to announce partnership with BandWagon! Bandwagon are sponsoring our best live act competition.

Bandwagon – Makes Booking Gigs Easy!

“This mega handy site aims to take gig bookings into the future” – NME

“Effectively, speed-dating for bands and promoters alike. Great idea” – Music Biz Embassy

Inspired by the DIY approach taken by an ever-growing number of artists, two former music promoters and band managers, and lifelong music fans, got out their sticky (cassette) tape and safety scissors to provide artists with a one-stop shop to take ownership of their careers. BandWagon allows you to interact with promoters and venues, book gigs and build a live fanbase.

BandWagon aims to facilitate interaction between artist and promoter, addressing common frustrations from both sides of the gig-booking process:

If you’re looking to book gigs, whether you’re a band or a promoter, we think bandwagon is the place for you!

‘Like’ & share – bandwagon could take alot of hassle away from the gigging process!

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