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Demo Submissions – Managing 3rd Party Submissions

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Sending and receiving demos has long been a real pain in the back side, let’s be honest. It’s time consuming, especially if you are the one on the receiving end of endless emails, links, newsletters and file attachments.

Record Labels, Music Publishers, A&R Professionals, Creatives @ Advertising Agencies and Artist Management all lack time due to the day to day demands of the creative industry we all love. Most of the time, demo submissions sent by email are ignored or simply deleted if it is an unsolicited approach.

We’ve addressed this issue with a simple, yet effective solution that’s free to use with your Music Gateway account. We’ve  created a central Workspace project management tool, designed not only to receive submissions, but manage them all in one central location, with features that save you time and streamline the whole process.

We caught up with Pop-Up Music co-founder Mark Garfield, who’s independent Record Label and Music Publisher benefits from the feature.

Music Gateway is a great hub to help us manage new music submissions from a wide range of artists across all genres. It’s a big time saver.”

Mark continues to explain that in under 30 secs you can create a unique external website page from your Music Gateway account and add the link to your website, social media pages and as an auto-reply on any emails and their signatures.

“Let’s be realistic, you aren’t going to be signing most of the demos sent to you, however, you don’t want to miss out on those gems that hit the mark either.” Having spoken to Mark and other high level A&R professionals, it was obvious that this has been an ongoing issue for some time.

Someone who would agree with Mark and has found Private Projects to be a helpful solution. Ramin Bostan, head of A&R at Ostero, said:

“MusicGateway’s private project feature has saved us countless hours of collating and downloading various links, which could feasibly lead to fantastic submissions slipping through the net. It has all of the features you’d need with options to folder tracks according to your preference and download directly from the system. An invaluable tool and one that I’ll be making use of for the foreseeable.”

So there you have it, an old music industry problem solved by a new, bespoke feature from Music Gateway being used by the pros.

Looking To Manage Your Own Submissions?

If you currently receive submissions via email or a shared folder online and want to have a free, dedicated solution that’s designed for managing this process, then simply Get In Touch with our team to find out more. You can get started straight away if you have an existing account – simply create a new private project here.

New to Music Gateway? Then you can start a free trial here and once registered, use this feature within your account.

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