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Dream Big: Inspirational Tips In Keeping The Vision Alive.

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Throughout my 20+ years of life so far, I’ve noticed that there’s something instinctively different about creative people and entrepreneurs. Something that sets them apart from everyone else. I’ve noticed that we utilise our imagination more. It’s one thing to dream about something and another thing to act upon that dream and live each day in that direction until that dream is fulfilled. 

Here’s my advice and a few tips on how to dream big and do it well…

Whether you’re creative or entrepreneurial, I advise you to not only Dream, but to Dream BIG! Remember, it’s your dream that is unique to you. No one can ever say, “No. That’s wrong. That didn’t happen.” because it’s yours, you’ve seen it, you’ve dreamt it and you’ve experienced it.

Another thing I love about dreams is that you’re always right. No one can ever deny you the complexity, simplicity, imaginativeness, extraordinariness, or peculiarity of your dream. No one else experienced it but you.

Brian Tracy said

“All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what the future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”

I urge and encourage you all to dream big, then, break that dream down into smaller achievable goals, working everyday towards achieving them. Let your dream/vision be your light at the end of the tunnel. Work Smart and be a nice person. Remember, if you’ve seen the vision, no one can take that away from you despite their doubt or disbelief.

Plus, your why for doing something has to be stronger than your what, as in what you’re doing now. When you have a reason to do something, you not only enjoy the journey but you also feel more fulfilled. Find your why and your what will fall into place and happen naturally.  

Dreams vs. Nightmares

I think it’s fair to say that I can’t talk about dreams without mentioning Nightmares. Nightmares are never good, but inevitably we all have them occasionally. However the part I do like is every now and then you realise that this is my dream. I love that part. Instead of falling to your death you spread your arms and start to fly over the world, leaving everyone and everything behind like superman. Instead of being eaten alive by zombies, you realise that your skin is impenetrable, and not only can you heal but you’re able to be invisible and use laser eyes like a Cyclops (I think you can tell that I love superheroes but you get my point right?).

Reset the Clock, Change the game

I’m a big fan of classic gaming consoles. Some of my fondest memories of growing up came from playing ‘Nintendo 64’ with my brother. I knew I wasn’t the best at games like my brother who would finish a game with ease from start to finish. However, me on the other hand had a different style. When I was losing terribly, instead of losing the game and hearing the “Never mind, better luck next time” music I would reset the game before it had finished or pause it to make the level easier. My rationale for that was, I didn’t lose because I didn’t finish.

Sometimes I was so frustrated from losing or nearly losing that I would turn off the game entirely. I’d then choose another game I was 10x better at.

In life, there are a few lessons we can take from that. Although I would always encourage you to finish what you start and never give up, I do appreciate/conclude/think that sometimes you must stop and re-evaluate where you are (especially if something isn’t working). Identify your strengths and weaknesses, it’s more productive to work smart instead of hard. Sharpen your skills on what you can do and outsource the skills you can’t do.

Sometimes you have to adapt and change the game if the way you’ve done it for a while hasn’t been working. Maybe that means setting new goals, finding a new hobby, or changing careers entirely.  Choose something that you’d enjoy and is more equipped to for your personality. One that gives you more time to spend with your friends or family.

I recommend finding a career coach if you can afford one, partner with a friend or coach yourself online through self coaching techniques. A coach wil probably ask you key questions that when answered honestly, can help to take you to another level and realign your focus.

Final thought

I would say its wisdom to periodically evaluate where you’re at and occasionally change the game so that ultimately you feel fulfilled and content with your journey. Eventually achieving your goals and winning the game!

Written by: Influence

Influence is a multi talented Songwriter/Topliner from South West London. Specialising in R&B and Hip-Hop, he loves to co-write and collaborate! So check out his website here and Music Gateway profile

Feel free to have a listen and contact him for co-writes and collaborations.

He has written for BASCA and performed at City Showcase Sessions (Apple Store, Regent Street) MIDEM 2014, and over 50 schools and venues throughout London and UK. He’s also attended numerous Songwriting Camps and was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2 years in a row.

You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram @influenceiam

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