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Easy Song: A Complete Review

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Easy Song Licensing

Music Gateway has a new partnership with Easy Song, the best music licensing site in the industry. Have you ever wondered how to release a new recording of an original song, or a music copyright license, but without all the hassle, ensuring that a guiding hand takes you through the process? Well, song licensing experts Easy Song are here to help you and your career as a musician.

Easy Song has a fantastic service to assist artists with any music clearance request regarding video sync (streaming, downloadable content, film, TV, commercials/advertisement, subscription-video-on-demand, etc.), derivatives, interpolations, translations, new work publishing split requests, master samples, theatrical/live stage production, print rights and video game use.

They work with over 11,000 major and mid-level music publishers, songwriter administrations and record labels worldwide to help bridge the gap between the artist and any rights holder to put you in the best position to succeed.

Custom Music Licensing

So Who Are Easy Song?

In terms of licensing a song as an independent artist, you need to be able to release cover songs legally and efficiently, so that is where Easy Song comes in. They will protect your music, by registering your songs with the United States Copyright Office, they will help you publish your music and assure you receive 100% of your royalties, and also ensure you can use copyrighted music in film, print, web, tv, advertising, stage, YouTube etc.  They also provide digital reporting services for publishers, backing track services, and a web API for partners. It is the best way to get your music licensed.

A History of Easy Song

Easy Song was established in 2005 when it originally started out as a mobile recording service for churches, schools and community groups. After producing high-quality albums, they knew that they wanted to take this further and legally license the cover songs they produced. They became so good at licensing music that they wanted to help others do so. So in 2007, Easy Song was born, offering services to the public. 

In 2016, Easy Song added custom licensing services, which meant that you could use music for anything from YouTube, films, and tv to advertising and much more. They have grown exponentially since then and continue to make waves in the music licensing game. Music Gateway is proud to collaborate with them and fully endorse them as a company. 

As a music licensing company, Easy Song now has over 125,000 happy customers and helps deliver millions in royalties each year. Their friendly and extremely reliable customer service is part of the reason why they perform so well each year.  

Easy Song helps songwriters with their US Copyright Office filing and registration regarding their original compositions and master sound recordings. This is a great service to help make this process very easy to accomplish and file correctly. This helps protect their work while giving the songwriter the ability to successfully move forward with any legal action against any fraudulent use.

Easy Song  - Custom Licensing

What Are The Key Features Of Easy Song?

Copyrighting A Song

Easy Song helps songwriters with their US Copyright Office filing and registration regarding their original compositions and master sound recordings. This is a great service to help make this process very easy to accomplish and file correctly. This helps protect their work while giving the songwriter the ability to successfully move forward with any legal action against any fraudulent use.

Every artist wants to have legal protection over their music so that others will not be able to use music without their permission. Easy Song will help you gain the best protection under United States copyright law. All you have to do is register your music with the United States Copyright Office and you are on your way. You will receive an official certificate of registration.  Feel free to check out their Custom Licensing here.

Licensing Your Music

Easy Song is there to create copyright licenses for music, so you can make money from others using your music in videos, films, advertisements, blogs, articles, and more. You will have the final say, and keep 100% of your rights and it can be quite a lucrative way of using your music. You give permission essentially for your music to be played in different mediums and Easy Song takes care of everything for you. To achieve easy copyright success, Easy Song will ensure the creator can reproduce, arrange, distribute, display, print, perform, play, or digitally transmit their music. You can add and remove new material at any time and you have full control. Easy Song will help you negotiate a fee or if you want to sell your ownership rights altogether. 

Easy Song & Giddy 2023

As of 2023, there will be a new streaming service called Giddy which you can use to sell your music online through Easy Song. This simple, flexible, transparent and independent way to earn money from your music is why you should use Easy Song. You will earn more money per stream than YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music! In fact, you will earn twice as much as Apple Music and Spotify but ten times more than if you used YouTube. The service will be up and running in 2023, but it isn’t long and it will be worth the wait, I promise. 

Party Mode – There are even different modes which fans can use whilst playing music. So for example, you have the ‘Party mode’, whereby using an algorithm, there is smart and fair playlist collaboration. 

Real-time – You can also listen to music from any distance, bringing people together.

And of course, you will be able to see what you are playing and when, whilst being able to drop songs where you want them. 

Clear Cover Songs

Easy Song enables you to get song clearance if you want to make a music cover of an original song. They will help you obtain 100% of the rights to be able to release your cover and this can only take up to 1-2 business days to process, which in my opinion is incredibly quick and efficient. Easy Song certainly knows how to treat its clients and this is why they have such an incredible track record.

If you want to secure easy music licensing and fast, get in touch and you will be able to speak to a real person who can handle everything for you, and take away any stress. You will then receive a pdf license via email and you are good to go. When you use a song written by someone else, you need to acquire the permission of the artist who produced the original piece, which takes time. But this is where easy Song comes in and does it all for you. To buy copyrighted music, and be able to use it, then you just have to provide the name of the song and the artist, and you will pay a fee of $16.99 for 1-5 songs. 

Custom Licensing

If you use music that other people created, no matter how you use it, you need to get a license. This is true even if you are giving away your project for free, or if it’s for a non-profit.

For cover songs, if any of the following apply, you need a custom license:

  • Changed the lyrics or melody (more than general rearrangement)
  • Want to use a song that has never been released
  • Need to license retroactively (a release that happened in the past)
  • If you want to release for any purpose other than private listening (performance, karaoke)
  • Want to license an international song, not copyrighted in the United States

If your cover song fits within the Compulsory Law (in other words, if none of the above applies), you don’t need a custom license.

For all of the following, you need a custom license:

  • Non-compulsory cover songs
  • Video (including YouTube)
  • Existing audio recordings
  • Music notes or lyrics
  • Theatrical productions
  • Parodies, and songs that have never been released

Check out their Custom Licensing services.

Easy Song Licensing

What Are The Subscription Options? 

So you are thinking of becoming a member, what is the next step? What sort of membership package is there and how to begin? 

There are two membership packages to choose from:

VIP Package = $108 per annum / $9 per month 

– This is best for songwriters and record labels that regularly release fewer than ten new works and cover songs per year.

– 10 songs

– 1 copyright filing

– 20% discount on our service fees

All Access Membership = $228 per annum / $19 per month 

– This is best for individuals and businesses that frequently create new works, that need assistance registering back catalogues, or that regularly use our services.

– 30 songs

– 3 copyright filings

– 30% discount on our service fees

If you choose to subscribe, you will be entitled to discounts all year round, so it’s a win-win situation. 

License your song with Easy Song

Easy Song Testimonials

Now we all know how important reviews are for a company, they can make or break it. So let’s hear what people have to say about Easy Song and why you should think about joining them. 

On Google, Easy Song has an average rating of 5.0 and on Facebook, it is 4.9.  With those scores, I would be signing up immediately if I was a musician!

‘It’s difficult to find this level of cordial, competent service anywhere. I couldn’t be more pleased. My rep responded quickly and clearly every time, making me feel that I was being taken care of by someone who knew me. A very good experience!’

Rob Slater

“Excellent service from really friendly guys that help you, and make it easy to license a cover song. I’m always going to them for my cover songs and will recommend them to everyone.

Juan Lords

“Before I knew Easy Song, I would never have imagined that I could record songs from my idols like Chick Corea, Miles Davis, and Billy Cobham. I would like to highlight the professionalism and efficiency of the team. Very fast and attentive! I am 100% satisfied!

Alfredo Dias Gomes

Easy Song made the entire experience very smooth and easy. It takes time, so give yourself time, but they are on top of every detail. Lindsie is amazing, very responsive, helpful, and professional. I will continue to use East Song for all my licensing needs.”

Shysti Official

“Aaron has been my go-to contact for two years now. He’s been incredibly responsive and always keeps me posted on the progress of music license approvals. I would not second guess where to go if you need professional guidance on what type of license is needed and assistance in securing them: Easy Song!”

Read more about their Google and Facebook reviews.

Clear Your Cover Song

Easy Song vs. Song File 

Why would Music Gateway want you to choose Easy Song? Apart from the ease of getting a song licensed, and that they are ahead of the game in terms of copyright and publishing, they do offer more benefits to the client. Compared to Song File, for instance, these are the services Easy Song offers:

  • License any song 
  • All calls dealt with my live agents
  • Free research before you buy option
  • Option to refund public domain songs
  • Custom music clearance services
  • You will be speaking to music production experts
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation    

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Easy Song’s track record of helping musicians easily gain access to licenses, sell music online, and buy the rights to a song are reasons why we recommend them to our recording artists.

Do give them a try and let us know how you get on. 

Easy Song Team



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