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Get Your Track iMastered for Free with Metropolis Studios

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We’re offering each Music Gateway member the chance to claim 1 free track mastering through iMastering services offered by Metropolis until the 13th October 2016.


How do you claim the free track mastering?

In order to claim the free mastering on your track through the well respected Metropolis Studios, all you have to do is get your production for the track done through Music Gateway.

Step 1

Start a “Hire a Producer” project on Music Gateway

Step 2

Get the track(s) fully mixed and ready.

Step 3

Contact us and we’ll arrange to get one of your tracks iMastered for free with Metropolis Mastering.

*The offer does not apply to tracks already mixed with a producer not found through posting a project on Music Gateway beforehand*

So why hire a producer through Music Gateway?

It’s about giving you greater choice and control over your music.

–  Control your budget

–  Choose from a range of professional producers eager to work with you

–  Work with like-minded professionals who can bring their own creative influence

–  Tap into their connections to expand the industry and consumer reach for your track when it’s released.


Also, don’t be limited by location. If you have access to local recording facilities, you can work with a producer through Music Gateway from anywhere and benefit from their unique skills even from the other side of the world.

When can I start?

That’s all down to you.

As long as you posted a “Hire a producer” project before 13th October you’ll be eligible for the free mastering at any time. We’ll simply put you in touch and arrange it with you.

But who wants to wait? Start getting pitches from interested producers today and start your project now.

What is the hidden benefit of taking part?

By first posting a project on the platform, you not only get to connect with talented members who have exceptional skills in their craft, but you also get your track mastered by a globally recognised phenomenal studio service. Whether you’re an artist, band, a label or a manager, this could be an awesome press angle for you when promoting your new release.

Learn more about Metropolis Studios

Metropolis Studios have been around for a number of years, as the largest independently-operated recording complex in the world, the award-winning 26-year heritage has had a high profile since opening up in 1989 when Queen’s Innuendo was the first album to be recorded at the studio.

Since then, its studio facilities have been at the service of the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2 and Michael Jackson. With some of the most renowned global success including Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Adele’s “25”, all having been created at the infamous studios with services also including recording, mixing and mastering.

Learn more about Metropolis Studios here.

Why should you invest in quality mixing and mastering?

We’ve blogged about why mixing and mastering is more important than you think to the development of your music career here.


Get started today

Take advantage of this great opportunity and build your knowledge from the people that are continuing to shape the industry. Click here to sign on to our community if you’re not already involved and if you’re already a member start a project to hire a producer today to take advantage of this great offer.

Offer ends 13th October 2016.

*Subject to T&Cs*

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