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Stepladder Worldwide is the award winning youth development and recruitment agency that revolutionises the way young people progress across the creative industries. Supporting those who wish to work in live events, music and broadcast, Stepladder Worldwide is run by 23 year old Lucy Watson.

With a very unique offering, Stepladder has a dedicated young team who work to deliver projects and events for some of the world’s biggest artists, promoters, brands and agencies. With clients including AEG, MTV and Loudsound the team have worked across events including MTV Brand New, Winter Whites Gala, Glastonbury, Field Day, Chime for Change and BST Hyde Park. In the past year Lucy placed over 100 roles within the industry and picked up the ‘Youth Led’ award from the British Youth Council.

Having in mind the success of Stepladder Worldwide, we asked Lucy to provide some tips for those of our readers who want to work in the creative industries on how to get into the industry. Here’s what she shared on the topic:

‘How do I get into the industry?’ The question is always the same across all the creative industries. With an ever increasing competition and less opportunities within the industry aspiring young professionals are finding it near impossible to get their foot in the door. Remembering everyone is different and what works for one person might not for another, here my 5 steps that will help you on your way…

Spend time making your CV and Covering Letter super slick!

I receive over 100 CVs every month and that is fast growing as the word of Stepladder spreads, but big corporations including Sony can receive over 2,000 CVs in a week. What makes your CV stand out?

– Make sure your CV layout is easy to read, professional and in clear sections. A really well laid out CV shows how good you are at using Microsoft Office! Also stick to industry experience and the correct terminology and phrases, meeting and greeting and customer service is Front of House.

– Spell check, I know its obvious but its very easy to miss things when you spend lots of time writing! Write it and come back and check it later on with a fresh set of eyes and always PDF much nicer to open than a word document that isn’t compatible with my version of Word.

– Don’t try too hard on your CV, quirky facts about what you can do in your spare time isn’t appropriate, however achievements are! Write a list of achievements in each role and any achievements you are proud of in your personal life, like running the marathon!

– Don’t tell me you’re a musician and you want to work at a record label if you aren’t genuinely interested and only see it as a foot in the door, we see straight through that!

– List your skills, and being organized isn’t one of them! I’m talking about skills such as being able to code, or use Adobe Creative Suite or if you can speak five languages.

– Tailor your cover letter and CV for each position, if you’re testing the water and aren’t specialising in one area of music and events then tailor your CV and cover letter each time you apply, it will get you a lot further in the process. And steer away from sending out the generic cover letters.

– Follow up each application with a phone call. You might not get through but if you do you’ve opened up a real conversation with the company or recruiter, which will come across miles better than an email ever will.

Use your LinkedIn account

– Your online presence in the creative industries is important. Sign up for LinkedIn, update it regularly with your experience and get connected with companies and individuals that are of interest you.

– Your LinkedIn is effectively your online CV so use it to your advantage, get recommended by colleagues and clients and get endorsed for your skills!

– Be open to opportunities, LinkedIn is great for forging new partnerships and connections that you might not have met in real life.


– Regularly attend networking nights. There are so many good networking nights in the city now and a lot of the bigger companies attend looking for future talent. Get some business cards made up and don’t be afraid to just go and speak to a stranger, this is one the key skills needed to be successful in the industry.

Get experience

– Volunteer or get work experience within the industry that interests you, and have something to offer the company. It’s not only a great way to start building your connections but also a great way to start learning the practical skills that are needed for each role.

Get registered and look in the right places!

 – Register with London creative recruitment agencies and get yourself known by them. You can do this by regularly keeping in touch with a key contact at each agency and keeping them updating with your job search.

– Know where to look for the career you wish to work in. There is no point in applying for generic jobs on Reed and similar sites if it isn’t what you want to do, make you search much more specific to sites such as MusicWeek and Event Magazine.

– Keep your finger on the pulse. Constantly read articles and news online about what is going on in the industry, this is key, things constantly change and you will need to know what is going on and this comes in handy for interviews and when you meet people within the industry!

You can check Stepladder Worldwide out here


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