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How to Get into the Music Industry: What Motivates You?

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Music Gateway| How to get into the music industry: what motivates you?

When you’re building your music career it is very easy to get lost in the daily grind. You can very easily start getting doubts about your musical path when you forget why you started off in the first place. Like Simon Sinek said in his New York Times Best Seller book, you have to start with why. In order to gain the willpower to push through the hard, unfulfilling tasks that are necessary for a successful career you must have a very clear understanding of your true purposethis is the power of why.

Start with the why

If you find yourself a why that can inspire you, you’ll be able to figure out how to achieve your goals. You will be a lot more fulfilled if you have a purpose behind your path in music. The best way to get into this mindset is setting up goals that will inspire you. One must ask themselves, “what do I want to achieve?”

Music Gateway| How to get into the music industry: what motivates you?

Most of us start off in the music industry because we have a passion for music. It is an art form which can make you feel an infinite amount of different sensations and most of us have had experiences which were shaped by the music we were hearing. Many of us have recurred to music at times when we were in need of emotional support. Learning what your true purpose will require a lot of self-exploration since we all have different views, priorities and morals. You should find out what are the things that motivate you. Using these motivating tools will pull you towards achieving your goals, as opposed to having to push yourself towards it.

What are your career goals?

To help you motivate yourself you should be able to clearly explain your career aspirations. You should know exactly what you want and by when you want it. Opportunities don’t just appear, they are created by perseverance and by knowing what you want. Do you want to collaborate with extraordinary artists from around the globe? Maybe you want to hear your music being played on TV? Or are you just happy with recording material for your own personal expression but have no intentions in releasing it?

What makes you unique?

Once you know why you want something and what you want the last step is to know how to do it. In the music industry, the most obvious answer is by having talent. If you have the talent then you already have all the raw material needed to succeed. The problem is that there are so many talented artists out there that it is incredibly hard to get noticed. This is why you have to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Some people spend years trying to build a fake persona that will attract the attention of people. I myself believe that it’s more organic and real to find out what makes you different. We’ve all had different upbringings and experiences that have shaped us in some way or another.

Music Gateway| How to get into the music industry: what motivates you?

You must ask yourself, what makes you unique? Some of the most successful artists to have ever come out became famous by exploiting their odd quirks. Having one eye of each colour is something that might have made a lot of people feel very self-conscious, but it helped David Bowie stick out and be easily recognizable to the wider audience. By sticking out you will be noticed more by people and they will remember who you are. If you’ve got an eccentric sense of style that could work in your favour when networking as the other person will be bound to remember you.

So what now?

These are some questions that you must really reflect upon if you want to achieve your career and musical goals, and what better time to do so than right before the beginning of a new year, right? Keep an eye out for the rest of this article series where we will be giving you a step by step aid to help you make a start in the music industry. You will also be gifted with a comprehensive checklist for you to complete for your New Year’s resolution that will surely inspire you to keep working towards your goals in 2019!

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