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How To Get Your Music Heard – Review

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Becoming famous through singing and music is a dream that many people strive to make a reality. However, you probably know that it takes several months to get music out. Ask the question: how to get your music heard by your target audience. Besides exposure through word of mouth, having viewers and visitors on your website is just as important as when you submit music. If you don’t have a website yet, we suggest you do. Read more here.

One of the biggest things that people underestimate in music, is the amount of time and effort it takes to get exposure. Even if you have great music that resonates with your fans, it won’t be successful if it never reaches your intended audience.

Get Started

The process of getting your music to the people who want to hear it seems difficult, even for renowned musicians. Good news is there are services you can take advantage of to get the word out about your content and creations. To start, you need a good website that serves as your home base, like Music Gateway, which takes care of everything related to your music. From sync licensing to music distribution via a playlist creator. Once you have that, move onto getting your music heard by record labels and the rest of the world.

How to Get Your Music Heard

As with any business, there are a few services you can use to get the word out about your music. Traditional methods for marketing may be tried-and-tested, but in today’s technologically advanced world, digital services are just as important. If you’re interested in how to promote your music online, one digital service you can try is by using landing page

Easily Generate More Traffic

You don’t need an expert to tell you that the clicks you get on your website are important. Business expert and long-term marketer Neil Patel can tell you the same thing.

“In an ocean of content, being memorable to the average consumer is a challenge. Your content needs to be impactful in some meaningful way to be considered truly engaging.”

He emphasizes that if you’re able to generate traffic on your website through engaging content, you’re more likely to change that traffic into success. More traffic on your website means more people have visited your page. This should translate into slowly gaining more fans across all of your platforms. allows you to do that by offering different methods to attract your fans and keep them around your website. Just getting the clicks isn’t important, but maintaining that amount is. The more long-term fans you have, the more you increase your fan base, and thus the success of your music.


One great thing about is that the layout of the website is very easy to follow. Compared to other sites that promote services for online marketing, has a simple and understandable website format. This makes it easy, even for beginners, to learn to navigate the site and secure more traffic on their website. The easier you can access tools for your website, the easier your fans can access your website and stay tuned to what you have in store for them. notifications

All Major Platforms

Because there are literally hundreds of platforms to reach your listeners on, is conveniently available across all major sites. This includes Chrome, Android, Safari, and Firefox. With all the major sites covered, you can easily and reliably reach most of your fan base and spread your music that way.

Helpful Notifications

One major helpful feature that offers is the engaging push notifications.

When you set up and utilise, the visitors to your website get notifications of whatever you want them to know. Such as releases, gig announcements, special offers and more. This is a great way to connect with your fan base in more ways than just music. Even when they’re away from your actual website, your visitors can receive desktop push notifications. That way, they’re always aware of what you’re up to.

Music Gateway Playlist tool

Free Startup

One of the best things about subscribers? It’s free to set up! Everyone loves free stuff, especially if you haven’t quite established your fan base yet. With, you can quickly sign up in a matter of minutes without even having to give your credit card information. On top of that, once you sign up, the installation process is just as simple. You can install the JS code on your own, or even use a WordPress plugin provided by Either way, signing up, installation, and actually using the service is all possible within a day, making it very efficient to use.


Finally, after you use a service, you want to be able to determine if it was effective or not. When you use, you can record and analyze the results. You can view which techniques worked well with keeping your subscribers engaged and active and which ones just didn’t do their job. This information not only tells you what is effective, but you can use it to track your overall growth as an artist and musician over the years.

All in all, offers a very important service to new musicians and artists. Where other websites seem to complicate the process of sharing your music with others, this one has taken all of the hassle out of the picture. You can focus on connecting with your fans, rather than how to connect with them. check out here.

Create a playlist to show your subscribers in your first notification and create a project today to make something new to shout about.

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