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How To Post The Perfect Project On Music Gateway!

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Okay, so you’ve read our guide here on how to create the perfect profile, and you are now ready to post the perfect project, though this sounds straight forward, it definitely is not! The project you post is the first time many users will have seen you and even more so than your profile it’s where people will firstly make their minds up about you, even though it’s wrong people still judge a book by its cover sometimes!

The main things that need to be up to date and descriptive in your profile are:

Specific skills needed

Quality description of what you are looking for.

The terms (budget etc.)

No fear, below, we are going to give you an in-depth rundown of how to do the things mentioned above, in detail, and so you can get the best project you can! We are also going to split the different types of projects you can post. They are Collaboration, On Spec, Mastering and Standard.


Collaborations are used when you are looking to Co-Write & just generally collaborate on a project. The terms you negotiate will not be based on a fixed fee, this is mainly because if you negotiate a small fixed fee then the song goes huge, then someone is going to feel short changed, so it is better to negotiate a publishing share or a royalty points share.

In a collaboration pitch the main advice we can give you is Information! Information! Information!!! The more information you put on your project the more pitches you will get, the more choice you will have and the better work you will come up with, it’s as simple as that. People love information, especially when they may not get to meet you in real life, so the more information you include in your project, the better it will be for you!


Standard Projects are designed for fixed fee session work. Looking to hire a guitarist, a singer or a producer? Standard projects are perfect for hiring session musicians & finding new talent. This is the main type of project that is posted on Music Gateway where talented musicians meet others and beautiful music is born.

The main advice for this type of project is being specific about what you want. If you aren’t specific, you may get pitches on your project that aren’t relevant and you’re wasting your time and the pitchers, so if your specific, you’ll get the best out of the site and get exactly what you need to make your music the best that it can be! You should also add a budget to this if you have one, so users know what they can offer if anything.

On Spec

Next is our On Spec. Project. It benefits both the project owner & project workers. Users pitch for the project as normal, however the project owner can choose multiple users to supply the work in advance of any payment. Terms for each user are negotiated in advance, but the project owner can receive the work & then decide what to accept. Only fully accepted work commands payment.

For On Spec projects, the best piece of advice would be that you should try and simplify what you want, if you are simple in what you need & provide potential pitchers with simple instructions, then you may get better results, as all of the users who use this site are music professionals they can interpret these and may take the sound in other ways in which you had not thought about and love!


The final project type we are looking at is Mastering, this is based on a fixed fee basis & connects you to Mastering Studios around the world. This is a useful feature because it simplistic in that it is focused on getting your records mastered and that’s it.

The advice we would give here is that you should try and put the unmastered copy on your profile in the media section, so the mastering professionals can see what they could be working with so they can pitch themselves to you and they know what they may be working with!

Above are the main ingredients needed so you can get the most out of the site, standard really when you think about it isn’t it? So get posting those projects and make some amazing music today, because now you know how!

Kind Regards

Music Gateway Team

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