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It’s been a few weeks since our release of the official video for “Somebody To Love” by Kathy Brown & AI. Since we last spoke it’s gained over 191,000 views on YouTube through being hosted on the official UKF Drum n’ Bass YouTube channel. The response has been very positive and we are pleased to see you all enjoying the song and watching the robots!

We’ve had various press support of the track. To keep you in the loop we have had The Frontliner write a great article about the track and video to our joy, along with a feature of the brilliant remix from Massappeals as Clash Magazine’s ‘Track of the Day’. Yesterday we had Vibe premiering the Copy Paste Soul remix and an insightful interview with Kathy Brown, find out more from the voice behind the track and see what Vibe wants to know.

We also secured an interview from Do Androids Dance with our producers for the track A.I. So this is a chance to hear more from the production side of the track for all you producers and DJs out there. Also check out their top tracks right now; brilliant playlist!

Further tastemaker’s have included Danny Byrd, Nu:Tone, Rich Parkinson (UKF/Kiss), Elisa Bee (Radio 2 RAI Italy), Sister Bliss (Ministry Of Sound), Rattus Rattus (Kiss FM) Paolo Mojo and Simon Bassline Smith to name a few. We are very pleased with the support the track has been receiving recently!

Going back to our various remixes of “Somebody To Love” this is a point I would personally like to point out. On the site I’m regularly encouraging you all to post projects to acquire bespoke remixes of your tracks. It is a great way of increasing your fan base through exposure to new audiences in various different genres of music. Primarily the original track is Drum n’ Bass however, we have various mixes made in other genres such as House, Trap and Old Skool Jungle. This expands the song to various other audiences in dance music and as a result increases exposure of our original track! You can do this too.

Now this isn’t just typical of dance tracks. A remix can be in any style so don’t feel your limited as any style of music can be remixed or classed as a remix. You may have a rock mix, pop mix or jazz mix! As long as it works and sounds good then there are no limitations.

There are many options to explore creatively through the use of our platform and don’t be scared to post a project that may seem out of the industry norm, if it’s music related and a great idea then why not just give it a go! Back to remixes for a second, I’d personally love to see a project seeking a rock/metal remix of their track. If this sounds like you then go for it, break out of what is usually expected.

I hope this inspires you all to get collaborating, posting projects and using the site to its full potential. “Somebody to Love” is an example of a track that is enjoying success purely off the back of connections made through the site, so why should it not be you in the spotlight next? 

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