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I know from having various friends in the music industry that struggling musicians really do not have a significant amount of funds for extras pertaining to their music like video pre and post production.  Today in my article, I am going to outline why it is important to save and invest in proper video pre/post production for the songs you would like paired with movie animation enhancing the public vision of your pieces.

Who are you and why are you filming me?

I said this in my last article and will say it again as that adage NEVER ends please, please, please research!  Know who you are emailing, phoning, writing, inboxing or texting.  In this instance, whether you’re in a band or you are a solo singer / songwriter, it would be wise to also ask for a proper portfolio and references.  Most professional videographers will have existing samples on their website along with a list of prices.

Do not go with the first person that you see; make sure to have a selection of at least 10 different companies that you are seriously considering.  I know that 10 might seem like a big number but once you start whittling them down you are going to wish you had 100 to start with. Seems like an arduous job but if the 10 you selected previously are not a suitable fit, try with another 10, which is why I made the comment about starting with 100 different options in the first place.

The competition out there within the industry is fierce; you want to be able to acquire the services of someone who meets all of YOUR needs as this is about how you want to have your music visually displayed for the world to gaze upon with their optics. It is important to remember to go with the company that meets your needs the most, sometimes there is no room for wants and frills, especially on a limited budget.

Nevertheless, it is also important to know if the videographer charges depending on where you want to film your video; certain places are obviously going to be more costly to film over others.  If they are willing to work with you on locations to offset the price a little bit that is another option.  Please keep in mind that you should consider various centralised locations as it will save time and be of benefit to both travel and filming.

To offset the price of a videographer

There are many ways in which you can fill in the gaps to offset the cost of the videographer; for one, if you know someone who is fantastic at applying makeup for that professional: grunge, rock, alternative, emo or divinely elegant look, ask them if they can help you.  Also, please remember etiquette, if you are asking someone to help you there should either be an honorarium involved – something you think would be fair for a few hours work.

Don’t forget about wardrobe also; there are so many AWESOME DIY outfits out there one can check out.  I would strongly recommend Mr. Kate as she always has some fabulous DIY clothing projects with items that you may already have hanging around the house.  Wardrobe does not always have to be fancy, make sure you have at least 15 changes of clothing depending on where you will be filming.  One can never go wrong with a base of items including: faded blue jeans, white cotton tee’s, nice jacket, 2 black dresses; one with short the other with long sleeves, black slacks and a white blouse.  The reason I kept the clothing colour palette simple is because colour can always be added with accessories; earrings, belts, rings, hair clips, scarves and of course shoes.   With just a few of these basics you can have at least 15-20 various change combinations without spending a lot of money.

Where visual and audio bond

Once you have selected your videographer, make sure your song is available for them to listen to.  Providing a fortnight’s worth of time to allow your music to absorb into their essence will most definitely provide the best vision for your music video.  You want the inspiration to flow as freely through the videographer as it did while you were composing and writing your songs.

When you are hiring a videographer you are hiring their vision of what they see for your work.  The artistry alone of the genuinely meticulous creators to reveal potentially stunning masterpieces set to the backdrop of the tremendous music is a main reason why investing in proper pre/post video production is important!

Written by Rania M M Watts.

Follow her Twitter: @RMMWCopywriting

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