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Music Industry Christmas Gift Guide

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Music Industry Christmas Gift Guide

As Christmas careers around the corner of 2019, it’s now crunch time to get gifts for the musicians and artists in your life. If you’re running out of time and haven’t found the perfect gift yet or if you’re completely stuck – Music Gateway is here to help

You might be buying for a friend or family member whose life revolves around sound, or maybe you know someone starting out with songwriting or producing who is looking for their big break?

If you’re not buying for others, have you thought about what festive-period purchases could take your own music career to the next level, and open up creative and money-making opportunities? Here is our list of the best gifts for musicians, gifts for songwriters or other musical creatives.

What’s even better is that most of our suggestions can be purchased instantly so if you’re the left-it-too-late type, you can still snag the perfect last-minute music gifts without waiting for shipping!

Music Gateway Christmas Gift Guide 2018

PRS Membership

First of all, what is PRS and what does PRS stand for? PRS stands for Performing Rights Society. PRS for Music (the UK’S Performing Rights Society) covers royalties, deals with music licensing, and influences music policy to support both music makers and the music industry.

If you or the person you’re buying for writes original music, a PRS membership is essential. Having a PRS membership means you can register your works and collect royalties on them. If you or the person you’re buying for is a songwriter, PRS will be the main way how to make money in the music industry as they are the ones who pay royalties on public performance. A lifetime membership to PRS is a one-time payment of £100, which might sound slightly pricey for the average gift, but you will be ensuring they can earn money from what they’re creating. (Which in turn means they can possibly afford to get you a nicer gift next year!) If you’d like more information on joining PRS, check out their website where they also have more information.

Musician’s Union Membership

If you know a musician in your life that wants to get serious with their music career, a membership to The Musician’s Union could be just the thing. They provide Instrument and Personal Liability Insurance, career and business advice, legal assistance (including contract templates, trade union representation, and a contract negotiation service).

It also gives you access to their huge network of music industry members, and access to exclusive networking events, all of which can help you build your own career, or give a push in the right direction to the career of some you love!

Prices start at £215, and for students in full-time education, it’s only £19.60 per year, so it’s a perfect gift for any music students in your life!

Music Gateway Christmas Gift Guide Gofts for musicians Musician gifts

Studio Time

For cash-strapped bands, producers, and singer-songwriters it can be incredibly hard to find the budget to get to the next stage of their career by recording an ep or album, once they’ve done all they can on their own. While recording in a professional studio isn’t the only option these days, it is still vital if they want to achieve a certain level, and make money off their music with physical sales. And not only this, because it can be fun! Studio time gives musicians and artists a space to find and channel their creative spark – when the technical stuff is being handled by a professional,

Find a reputable and well-recommended studio, and gift them a day to record. Prices vary depending on where you live, and the type of studio you book at, but it can be the ideal opportunity to get their career off the ground, or at least try out some new things for their sound. Check out, which is the Airbnb for studios around the world!

Upgrade Their Instrument Or Other Equipment

This could potentially be the priciest option, but one of the most obvious for a really ‘big’ gift. Gifting a new instrument (even if it’s a second-hand piece, and is therefore just new to you), giving money towards the cost of a new instrument, or if you’re feeling really spendy a custom instrument, is a very thoughtful and considerate gift.

The cost of this will obviously depend on which instrument it is, and what level the musician is at, but it’s flexible!  For example, if you can’t afford a whole new instrument, you could always get a few instrument-related gifts like strings or strap locks for guitarists and bassists, or breakables for drummers.

If your music-driven loved one is more of a producer than musician, there are even more products you can get them! Everything from audio interfaces to microphones and studio monitors if you want to get them something tangible. If you’re running late and can’t wait for shipping, why not get them some new software? Here is a bunch of advice on the best DAWs, beat makers

Or if you’re working on a really tight budget, why not get hold of all of these best free VST plugins and put it together for them. 

Music Gateway Christmas Gift Guide Gifts for musicians Musician gifts

Music Industry Conferences

There are so many music industry conferences available to attend every year. Really help them learn about the music industry AND give them a great day out by buying them a ticket to one of these conferences. This is another great one that you can do very last minute so great for those of you panicking right now. They might even bring you back some free goodies from whatever conference you send them to!

Now we don’t expect you to know all the music industry conferences that are out there, so we put them all in an article for you. Pick one that you think will work, or sit down with them and see if there’s one that takes their fancy! 

Music Gateway Membership

Now this is an option that works for any person and any price point! Music Gateway offers memberships from as little as £5 a month and offers a huge range of tools and features designed for a huge amount of music industry professionals, from complete beginners to music companies and established acts.

So what exactly does Music Gateway have to offer?

From file storage and metadata management to keep your catalogue in order; to opportunities to collaborate and network with other industry professionals. The site can be used to take your career to the next level. Even our bespoke playlist tool was designed for musicians and artists to use to pitch their music to labels, publishers, etc so this is perfect for helping yourself, or a musician in your life to really step it up.

Music Gateway also provides Sync Representation. This is in order to get your music on tv, films, advertisements, and games, which is something that is incredibly hard to get into on your own.

Start a 14-day free trial now!

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If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at our success page to hear from our members what they think. We also have a blog where we constantly update our members with advice and opportunities.

So there you go, that’s our Christmas gift guide 2019. Hopefully these gift ideas for musicians and other holiday gift ideas work for the musical person in your life! Or if you’re starting out in the music business, we hope this has given you some guidance.

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