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Musicvein and the advantages of being blogged about!

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As a musician, you’re no doubt already aware that getting reviews and mentions by music bloggers can do a lot to raise your profile, and likewise, you’re surely aware of how online social networking communities like Facebook, Twitter and blogging sites such as the one I am going to look at today,  Musicvein, can help you promote new projects and connect with fans without a big budget.

Well if you are looking for that kind of interaction, look no further than Musicvein, if you’re a new, act, then this is definitely the blog for you!


 “I started my blog almost 2 years ago as a hobby. I love writing and had had several articles published online for free, so thought to myself I may as well start a blog, gain a following of readers and the trust of musicians – this was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Clearly you can see that she is passionate about it, and that really comes across in her writing, she is in depth with her analysis of music, while also being fair and concise, she goes on to explain to us that “I really love what I do and the people I get to meet. There is so much talent out there but it’s hard for them to get noticed if they’re not performing for the mainstream.”

About Musicvein:

The music featured on Musicvein is definitely a diverse mix, Jessica (above) aka MV grew up in a house with an extremely diverse music culture, with Anita Baker, Grover Washington, George Benson, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and Def Leppard always on repeat!

The music she is really interested in covering though is Jazz, Latin (Bossanova, Salsa) and Soul but if other music comes along that blows her away it’ll get featured too. She explains that she really wants to bring new and interesting artists out into the open.

She is extremely passionate about the site, as you’d expect:

“With Musicvein you’ll find interviews, reviews, music news and coming soon an advice column – I put a lot of effort into every article I produce and whilst I may not be paid for those or for attending gigs (which I do at least twice a month) I get satisfaction from the supporting comments and emails I receive. My aim is to have one of the Top 10 Music Blogs in the UK. I just want my readers to find good quality articles on Musicvein and more importantly to have trust and confidence in anything I put my name to.”

Musicvein is a particularly good example of a blog that could help up and coming bands, it has a hardcore fan base, and even though it is not a huge blog it has a dedicated following of readers each month and a lot of musical contacts in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. So if you are a new act, then getting your name out into a blog such as Musicvein or something similar, really encourages interaction and proactivity amongst your fans!

This is a two way street though, as the blogger will get more traffic to her site if she features popular smaller bands, therefore,  bloggers will always be open to opportunites to get exclusive content like interviews, first listens to albums and other such things as they know that you will be promoting the article as well as they will! Everyone’s a winner!

Because Musicvein generally only covers new acts, potential fans that are always looking for new music will know that it’s an informative site to visit to find such things instead of going to NME, Pitchfork or Rolling Stone.

On those sites, they will cover the more established acts, but because Musicvein’s focus is breaking smaller acts, fans of these sites tend to have a more receptive and open towards new music, than if they were looking at the mainstream blogs/magazines above. So obviously, trying to get yourself noticed by blogs such as musicvein is definitely worthwhile for the smaller acts.

At the blog you will see that she reviews new acts, reviews albums, has the latest music news & interviews, and an album of the week, this all means more opportunities to be covered by the blog, and therefore more chance for exposure.

As always, share tweet and comment below.

AND obviously check out Musicvein at, I promise you won’t regret it!

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