MUSO – Fight Piracy On Your Own Terms

Written by Mary Woodcock

21 October 2013

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The battle against piracy; an issue that has been on the hands of musicians for years now. You constantly hear about how labels, trade bodies and musicians are attempting to combat against piracy but only a few really make any real impact. So today I introduce you to a company which actively will reduce piracy of your music by putting the control in your hands.

I present to you MUSO. Founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Andy Chatterley MUSO is the site for combating online piracy. Rights holders and creators are enabled to automatically scan and analyse billions of web pages in music, film, publishing and software industries to removes illegal copies of your content globally and take down download links instantly. MUSO attacks piracy at the source.

Here is how MUSO works for you:


Recently MUSO have partnered with Essential Music & Marketing and are currently working with Demon Music Group. This allows for both companies to benefit from the great services that MUSO offer to combat online piracy through the use of MUSO’s online dashboard.

Paul Tucker of Demon Music Group states, “We’ve discovered that the cost effective and extremely easy-to-use MUSO dashboard allows us the flexibility to scan and remove hundreds of illegal files, whilst being able to regularly monitor and track each individual tailor-made campaign that we run.” They are of great use to these types of companies and are a great example of just how MUSO can be used to protect your catalogue of music; no matter how large.

We at Music Gateway urge those of you who want to take control of online piracy to put the power into your hands and sign up with MUSO today – just click here!  Use the resources that they make available to you and take piracy into your hands. By directly targeting your music through MUSO you can actually make an impact on reducing piracy on your own terms.


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