My Top Ten 10 Production Tips

Written by Mary Woodcock

02 July 2014

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For all of you budding producers out there I am going to put together a list of some of my favorite mixing techniques I use with in my productions. For non-producers this is about to get geeky!

1. To separate my kick and snare sound, I almost always take around 300Hz out of my kick and boost it in the snare. This gives both elements of the kit an individual sense of space.

2. When mixing lead vocals I tend to create three Copies: 1 Natural, 1 Bright and Compressed & 1 Grainy automated throughout the mix to make it POP. This creates a thick texture and Chris Lord Alge also uses the same technique.

3. Compressing reverbs can thicken them up, have ago and see how it affects your track.

4. When in need of a brighter snare sound, I find it quicker to brighten the overheads as opposed to brightening the single snare mic alone.

5. When recording always make sure your microphones are in phase before E.Q. You can check phase.

6. Have a try at EQing your effects on a bus. A high pass filter on a delay can create depth with in a vocal.

7. A dynamic song is more interesting to listen too, so to maintain the listeners interest, try automating the master fader and enhance areas of the song such as the hook and the chorus.

8. When it comes to buying equipment, quality over quantity is almost essential. It’s better to have a few really nice microphones as opposed to poor quality ones, which you’ll end up having to replace anyway.

9. Fighting for space with your kick drum & bass? Cut 80Hz out of the bass and boost 80Hz in the kick.

10. Make sure it sounds good on the way in! If it sounds bad when you record it it’s going to be a lot harder to fix in the mix! 

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