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Skype Gig Series: Part I, Perspectives from a Spectator/Fan

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My name is Rania Watts; I am a Freelance Writer with Cheeky Promo I shall now be contributing to the Music Gateway blog, so here’s a quick introduction! For this, my first Music Gateway assignment, I will be writing a series on the benefits of Skype/Google Hangout gigs from three different perspectives. Part one is that of a spectator/fan, part two explores the direct impact on the performer and part three will examine on a whole what it means for the future of the music industry.

I am quite thrilled by this writing opportunity, thank you for reading,


Rania M M Watts – you can also read my personal blog here 

Part I, Perspectives from a Spectator/Fan

August 17, 1990 at the CNE Grandstand in Toronto, Ontario was the location and date of my very first concert, I was 16 years old and relished the thought of listening to Sinead O’Connor sing LIVE! Specifically, this concert experience surpassed my wildest dreams. To be part of a collective, listening to an incredible artists showcasing to the world why their existence is meant for the stage. A million lighters rose in unison sustaining an exquisite sight during “Feel so different.” I never thought in a million years that I would ever compare a concert experience like that to a simple Skype performance for a party of one.

Some months back, I entered a contest for a Skype gig that the tenacious, stunning and profound Millie Manders had put together on her Facebook page.  In the back of my mind, I’d wished and hoped that I would be the recipient of this tremendous gift that was being offered. First off, you should know that I NEVER win anything! EVER! To have won this unique gift meant an immense amount to my essence.

My perspective has since been altered desiring to educate myself on the possibility and potential of our modern technology and all that it affords society. Artists can connect directly with their fans through private concerts — so private in fact that it is simply a party of two. One on a random roof in London England and another in their Pickering Ontario Canada home up in the attic both on their respective devices communicating, laughing, tearing up and most of all immersing ones self with incredible music.

I am delighted to announce that my prize was collected on Thursday September 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. A one-to-one Skype gig really provides the recipient an opportunity to be in an intimate environment with the performer/musician/artist. Every single detail, from the way Millie’s hair fell across her face, to the constant expression from her twinkling eyes with each new piece performed, hoop earring that would move in unison with her words and music. My apartment was consumed with an impassioned light for the entire hour. I was transfixed on every single note and strum that came whilst she accompanied herself on the ukulele, completely mesmerised that I was sitting in front of this not only incredible human being but a tremendously talented musician  – a moment that I would have delightfully blown my speakers for!!!

At one point, Millie’s music was so emotive; I felt it necessary to grab a lighter from the knickknack shelf behind me – this was one time in my life that I was COMPLETELY present, similar to the Sinead O’Connor concert save the fact; this was a Skype Gig for one. Do you know what it is like to look into the eyes of someone who is doing exactly what they are meant to be doing on this globe – while you are the only one in the room witnessing it? I can tell you from experience it is quite the powerful moment indeed.

I would like to furnish all of you with  the track list Millie prepared specifically for my Skype gig which includes: Nothing Matters, Little Big Mouth, Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison, Thorough Bread Potato Head,  Paper Castles, Hole in your Chest, Drown, Drop Dead Gorgeous ~ Republica & Demon. Millie can be followed on social media via, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Soundcloud.

I am now curious to research on a grander scale how these intimate gigs could really change the entire concept of traditional concerts providing focus on the individual who is being catered to during a similar performance. In this day and age, we rely so much on computers and social media that we are not focused on the splendid things that they genuinely offer us such as connecting with likeminded individuals from all over world, sharing experiences, collaborating on whatever suits ones fancy. In this case, I am fortunate to also have interwoven aspects of music and writing within this specific scenario.

Now, I will leave you with Millie’s most recent release on MP3 “Little Big Mouth” available for purchase on iTunes.

Thanks to Rania for this great article! Make sure to check out the final 2 installments to this Skype series coming soon…

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