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Strings on the Fly? A “secret weapon” for producers & composers

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At Music Gateway we are always on the look up for a bargain and high quality products and services, I recently came across Christian Howes website and services, here’s the low down.

Can you imagine adding a 17-piece quality string section to your song for under $500 (£350)?

For composers, producers, and self-produced artists, we thought you’d definitely want to check this out.

These guys provide quality live strings on songs really inexpensively, and they do it with real players, all collaborating in a virtual string section.

Instead of one using one violin player, they are an “overdub team” of cellists, violist, violinists, and bassists, all joined together online. Much better sounding than samples, and tons cheaper than hiring a live section in one room, you’ve got to check them out.

Their process:  Simply send them your rough mix with any instructions. They’ll quote you and send you back live string tracks, whether you want them to custom an arrangement or play yours down.

A former Associate Professor of the Berklee College of Music, Christian Howes is an established classical and jazz violinist supervising the team. They even improvise in tons of styles..
They offer a guarantee covering all execution including pitch, rhythm, sound quality.

Check them out! They’ve got a pretty cool article here on string recording tips as well.

Thanks Music Gateway Team.

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