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The Best Music Schools In New York City

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a vocalist, an instrumentalist, or a music engineer. The idea of studying from a prestigious Music School can be super fascinating.

So for many artists and musicians are, of course, talented individuals from birth, having that talent backed up by professional education is a cherry on top, so we give you a review of the best music schools in New York City.

The Big Apple City (NYC) is a plethora of diversity, cultures, arts, and fashion. The cultural diversity, active business life, and pulsating nightlife are excellent triggers for an artist’s inspiration.

Since you’re reading this, you probably landed here looking for music colleges in New York City. 

Whether you’re a US resident or an international student body, we’ve organized a list of Best Music Schools in New York for you to choose from.

Without further ado, scroll down and find top New York Music Schools!

1. Manhattan School of Music


Manhattan Music School sits in the heart of New York City on Claremont Avenue. This pristine institute has been one of the world’s premier music conservatories for jazz and classical genres.

– Address: 130 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10027, United States

– Alumni: Lang Lang, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Charlie Puth are some of the top examples for Alumni.

– School’s website here

– Degrees Offered: Manhattan School of Music offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and Diploma degrees. These degrees in the areas of performance and composition in Jazz and Classical genres.

– Programs Offered: Some of the programs offered in MSM are Classical Programs, Jazz Arts, Musical Theatre, Orchestral Performance, and MSM Summer. Other programs are Music Entrepreneurship, Contemporary Performance, Distance Learning, and Other Academics.

– Extra Perks: The Manhattan School of Music offers an exclusive recording studio for diverse students. Besides this, MSM also features a large city Musical Theatre.

– Fee Structure: Tuition Fee is $48,280 9 months. However, the complete package including the housing equals $67,331

– Starting Periods: The program year usually starts at the beginning of each year. However, with MSM offering multiple programs throughout the year, the dates vary.

– How to Apply: If you’re interested in applying at MSM, click here to visit their official website.


Lastly, the Manhattan School of Music is an excellent choice with great college offers. The mighty and beautiful building of the campus hugs New York City in its top borough. 

Having Charlie Puth and Ron Carter as its alumni, this school is an ideal place to get one step closer to your dreams.

2. Mannes School of Music


Mannes upholds a rich musical culture since 1916. Their founders’ vision was to instil the true sense of music in students.

Hence, the traditional education plan in Mannes seeks to educate the whole person within each student. The school features a world-class faculty in addition to visiting artists.

– Address: The address of this school is 55 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011, United States.

– Alumni: Nadine Sierra, Richard Goode, Murray Perahia, and Frederica von Stade are some of the notable alumni of this school.

– School’s Website: You can visit the school’s website by clicking here

– Degrees Offered: The school offers degrees in Undergraduate and Master’s programs. They also conduct special diplomas and programs throughout the year.

– Programs Offered: Mannes offers programs in Brass, Composition, Collaborative Piano, Guitar, Percussion, and Strings.

– Extra Perks: Mannes is home to an excellent study and collaborative environment. They have media production facilities, practice and rehearsal spaces, and libraries.

– Fee Structure: Their tuition fees for most programs revolve around $22k – 25k per term.

– Starting Periods: Mannes takes new students twice a year. The deadline for applicants is 15th October and 1st December for the fall session.

– How to Apply: Kindly visit their website here for detailed information on how to apply


If you’re serious about studying music, feel free to start your artistic life from here. At Mannes, you’ll be able to become a master of your craft. 

Among music schools in New York, Mannes holds significant value. Not only you’ll learn from world-class teachers, but you will also learn to collaborate with other artists.

3. The Julliard School

Julliard School

Firstly, the Julliard School is a private performing art Conservatory in Big Apple City. In addition to Music, they also offer more multiple programs of dance and drama.

Established in 1905, the school holds a special place in every alumni’s heart. The minute you walk into this school as a student, there’s a possibility of a miracle and a blossom.

– Address: So, the address of the school is 60 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023, United States.

– Alumni: Some notable Alumni of this school are Robin Williams, Edie Adams, and Kevin Spacey.

– School’s Website: Please click here to visit the official website of The Julliard School.

– Degrees Offered: The Julliard School offers various degrees in Undergrad, Master of Music, Graduate Diploma, and Doctor of Musical Arts, and more.

– Programs Offered: The school offers various programs in Composition, Jazz Studies, Vocal Arts, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, and more.

– Extra Perks: Julliard teaches you to nurture music from any era as your own. Furthermore, you get to interact with artists, actors, and musicians from all over the world. They have world-class studios and auditorium spaces.

– Fee Structure: The tuition fees is $45k. The total expenses at Julliard, including accommodation, may go as high as $80k.

– Starting Periods: The summer, spring, and fall programs open in September, October, and January, respectively.

– How to Apply: Visit the official website of Julliard by clicking here


Julliard is home to the art of some top names all over the world. The school has outstanding faculty, beautiful space, and top-notch media houses. 

Evidently, this school easily ranks as one of the best Music Colleges in New York City.

4. Eastman School of Music

Eastman School of Music

Established in 1921, Eastman School of Music is a prestigious music institute at the University of Rochester. 

Also, the school is home to a long regarded array of inspiring artistic, scholarly, and creative folks. Inarguably, the newly renovated Eastman theatre of the school features 3094 seats and an unbeatable ambience.

– Address: So the address of this school is 26 Gibbs St, Rochester, NY 14604, United States.

– Alumni: Unquestionably, Renee Fleming, Chunk Mangione, Ron Carter, and Steve Gadd are notable alumni of Eastman.

– School’s Website: Nonetheless, you can visit their official website by clicking here.

– Degrees Offered: Unlike the above new york university, this school offers a variety of degrees. Some examples are Musical arts major, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and Doctor of Musical Arts.

– Programs Offered: Music programs offered in the school are Music and Sound Initiative, Eastman Immersion, Early Music Program. Moreover, some pre-college Instrumental programs are Strings, Harp, Guitars, Winds, Brass, Piano, and Percussions.

– Extra Perks: The school unarguably offers excellent studios for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, and percussion. Since the facility is huge, they have multiple spaces for performances, rehearsals, and music libraries.

– Fee Structure: The tuition fees for the undergraduate program falls in the range of $43k – 47k, excluding accommodation.

– Starting Periods: Similar to the above schools, they have multiple programs starting in summer, spring, and fall sessions.

– How to Apply: So, if you’re interested in applying at this school, have a look at their official website by clicking here


In contrast to the schools above, Eastman is a relatively more formal institute. Their faculty does have a passion for music but in a very organized way. 

Eastman School of Music can easily be ranked as one of the best New York music schools.

5. Further Music School

Last but not least, Further Music School is a dedicated music school towards instrumental learning. The school sits in the heart of Forest Hills in New York City. 

Further Music School is solely centred on theoretical learning about instruments. Therefore, students and adults from any age can be a part of their programs.

– Address: So, the address of this school is 110-06 72nd Ave STE MD2, Forest Hills, NY 11375, United States.

– Alumni: They may not have notable alumni yet, but they have excellent faculty.

– School’s Website: Nevertheless, visit their official website by clicking here.

– Degrees Offered: They don’t offer any professional degrees except Summer Music Learning Certifications and Private Music Lessons.

– Programs Offered: Moreover, some more programs are vocals and instruments lessons.

– Extra Perks: They’re not too expensive, like other music schools. Hence, you can always learn music theory, instruments, and pursue other activities at the same time.

– Fee Structure: Inarguably, their tuition fee takes into account the burden of financial constraints. Therefore, they offer programs bases on a collection of lessons — for example, $510 for 35 lessons, etc.

– Starting Periods: Their program applications are open throughout the year.

– How to Apply: Visit their official website by clicking here. 


In summary, unlike the professional schools above, Further Music School is more like a Music Academy in New York City. 

They’re an excellent choice for young adults who’re interested in learning theory and basic musical instruments. 

You can choose one of the above schools if you’re interested in getting a professional degree. You may also wish to check out Ithaca College, Columbia University, Stony Brook as well.

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Which Music School Should You Choose? Our Final Thoughts

Interested in learning an instrument or basic music theory? Further Music School is an excellent option.

– On the contrary, if you’re a young motivated individual willing to score professional degree programs. You should choose the Manhattan School of Music. Here’s why:

– One of the oldest and prime music institutes in the world.

– The school is located in the heart of the top borough of New York City.

– Unquestionably, the school features top faculty and world-renowned alumni. Alumni also includes the young singing sensation Charlie Puth.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best music schools in New York City, good luck in your search for the right music education and furthering your career in music. To see what is on offer in the rest of the US, check out our guide to the top music schools.

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