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The Definitive Press Kit Guide For Musicians

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Disc Makers are the largest CD & DVD manufacturers for independent musicians. If you don’t have a publishing deal but want your CD to be burned on disc then Disc Makers are the people you want to go to. Their low rivalling prices are made affordable for the sake of the musician. They offer everything, from CD duplication, too affordable blank CD’s.

However, if you want your CD’s to have your artwork designs on there, they can print and package it to a professional standard. Not only can they do just about anything to do with CD replication, but they are also the fastest easiest CD duplicator around while offering other services like glass mastering, encoding and graphic design.

We’re glad to say that we have recently partnered with Disc Makers and we wanted to talk to you about their ‘The Definitive Press Guide For Musicians’. A free PDF for anyone who’s interested in a DIY approach presskit.

With the title being pretty self-explanatory, this guide is perfect for all of you artists out there wondering how you should portray yourself and what tools you will need to create a professional and effective press release.

This handy online booklet will guide you in the right direction by giving an in-depth lesson on how to market yourself when you attain those tools.

The book is short and concise, packed with essential information from the words of André Calilhanna, a multi-instrumentalist who has been recording with bands for around twenty years. 

Andre begins the first section of the guide by asking the essential questions; ‘what does a press kit include?’ and ‘where do you begin?’ whilst delving into those questions with elaborative points and facts like explaining what a mission statement is, and how to stand out by branding yourself.

Further on he mentions why you should use a publicist and how they can help you spread your name throughout the industry (i.e. magazines, TV, radio, etc) while explaining in more detail what branding is. Publicists are very useful to have on board, they serve as your media advocate, so click on our site to find PR’s.

He then continues in the second section of the guide by expressing how important an exceptional body of music is. Having the look is important, but first, you need a solid, well-produced EP or LP. Finding the right producer is always difficult, but our site can help you find talented producers.

That’s not the only thing he mentions though; he also talks about how finding a good photographer has a large significant value to your press release. By this, he means having the right photo you can use for media coverage, etc.

Andre gets more intricate in the guide as he explains that the photos you want should represent the meaning behind your EP, and you should always find a photographer you should trust; a professional,

‘That is not the same thing as having an acquaintance who purchased a piece of expensive camera equipment and has some time on her hands’ Andre writes. One of the reasons we partnered with Disc Makers is because we agree heavily with what they say, so if you’re an artist searching for photographers or videographers then you should definitely visit our site.

There are many more pages filled with vital information in this guide and there’s not a single paragraph that won’t educate you.

After all, knowledge is power, and in an industry thriving for new talent this is recommended read, it’ll help show you how to separate yourself from the rest and define yourself as an individual.

Only the most generous of established companies give you tips and information this easy, and for free, so take full advantage of all the reading material you can find as its not the only guide that’s featured on the site.

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