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Timing is Key: Making a Couple of Stacks on Halloween

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When planning a release or an event, there is nothing more important than timing.  You could have the best line up or features, but if you choose the wrong time, people could either be too busy to hear your music or never even hear it at all. Luckily for you, someone invented Halloween the perfect excuse to make whatever grimey and scary stuff you want and get away with it. With Halloween also comes the perfect excuse to go out and go wild. Read on to find out how to capitalize on Halloween to make a couple of stacks like Dizzee Rascal.

Are you dizzy blud?

Couple of Stacks

This Halloween we saw the bloodiest, goriest music video of the year released. Dizzee Rascal put out his latest video Couple of Stacks, directed by Emile Sornin. It featured Dizzee donning a yellow rain jacket and a machete while chopping up his unsuspecting victims. It paid homage to classic horror films such as Saw, with scenes of neck slicing, back stabbing and a girl getting her head chopped in half. Perfect for getting you in the Halloween mood. What helped build more hype for this video is that it was only shown last weekend, with the video getting taken down at midnight on Sunday. This limited viewing made fans rush to see it while they could. The gore factor also helped, with tabloids and newspapers writing the usual story that a rapper has gone too far this time, while also providing a link for the kids to find the video. The age old concept of using controversy to make sales is perfect for Halloween, since you can make the scariest, creepiest and goriest shit without looking like a complete weirdo.


The Purge films: big influence this Halloween

Themed Albums/Mixtapes/Songs

Like having a scary music video, themed albums, mixtapes and songs are a good way to keep in the Halloween spirit. One example of this is Purge by Blast the Beat Records’ Grizzly featuring Jinx, Danja and Rame. The lyrics make references to films like The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, Saw and Halloween, while playing on the scary and anarchic theme. It is accompanied by a grimey beat produced by Restraint that gives us the feel of a horror film’s theme tune by sampling dialogue from The Purge films and using spooky synth sounds. The cover used for the song also references the films with one of the masks from the bad guys. The Purge seems to be the popular theme this Halloween, as it is also the title of Snap Capone’s “The Purge Mixtape” from Roadwork Records. This mixtape’s cover also looks like a film poster, featuring another mask from the movie. Using a scary and horror theme for Halloween helps as it makes your music relevant to the release date, and also gives atmosphere to your work. Having a good cover for your music also helps catch people’s attention, and if it references a good film you might get fans of the film checking your tunes out.

You are almost guaranteed to pack out the club on Halloween


Another highlight of Halloween are the Halloween parties. What better excuse is there to get wild and rowdy than a party where you can wear a mask and get away with whatever you want (within reason though).  From my experience on putting on events, Halloween is one of the biggest and easiest money makers of the year. Since it is already tradition for people to dress up in costumes on Halloween, you don’t have to worry about people complaining that fancy dress is lame and for kids. The people who don’t dress up will look lame and boring. Halloween nights usually stand out from other parties as there is always special decorations in the clubs, so it is more than just the usual club night out. Any photos you take of the night will also look better as people have made more of an effort with costumes and make up. Another bonus on Halloween is the amount of times you can throw a Halloween party in a week. If Halloween falls on a weekday apart from Friday, you can host it on Halloween night itself as well as other ones on Friday and Saturday. If you feel adventurous you can host more than that, but don’t get too greedy or you may lose all the profit you made on the other nights.


My costume last Halloween. Nothing scarier on a night out than watching some feds get behind the decks!

Now you have seen what others have done to promote their music and events on Halloween, you have a year to prepare for the next one! In this day and age where everyone and their mum is on social media, you have to do whatever it takes to get heard and noticed. It is not just about the music anymore, presentation and timing are just as important if you want to be successful and reach out to the most fans possible.

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