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Top 5 Tips for Breaking into the Music Industry

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As an unsigned artist it is really important to keep working hard and not to lose motivation. It is easy to give up and lose faith when trying to make it big, get signed or make your big break.  In today’s generation, most singers, dancers and musicians create their own destiny and their own platforms to show their talents. For example, Justin Bieber posted his own YouTube videos to get himself noticed and off the back of that platinum artist Usher caught a video and the rest is history.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough:

You have to stay focused and try not to let other people’s negativity affect you from chasing your dreams. If your favourite singer or rapper listened to every person who said “you won’t make it” or “why don’t you get another job for backup just in case!” then that artist wouldn’t be success in the industry today. Believe in yourself and ignore the people that don’t support your talent.

Don’t be scared to experiment:

When it comes to breaking through the industry you have to be prepared to take a chance and a risk. There is hardly anyone that makes it in the music business by playing it safe unless your mother or father is already in the music business.

Don’t be afraid of utilising online platforms:

Use the platforms that have been provided! Find innovative ways to create interesting videos, blogs, social media posts and even new social apps such as snapchat, there is a lot of untapped marketing potential in the world. You could even film a video and capture a creative stunt to get your talent recognised.

Don’t give up, be patient but determined:

Just keep on making good music, collaborating and be patient. It must be difficult playing the waiting game before you get signed. It is always good to give yourself goals, challenges and achievements. For example, get yourself an EP distributed online for free or even fundraise some cash for another project. You can also use band to fan websites such as where people can chose how much they want to purchase your music for, a simple donation can go a long way. Projects are a great way to keep you busy and stay focused.

When you break through don’t stop working just as hard:

Once you get signed, break a deal or even get management. Don’t think that the work ends here. You have to stay humble, and work even harder. The music industry is ‘dog eat dog world’ and new competition every day all over the world. Work hard and take nothing for granted as it’s not easy to sustain your status. Sleepless nights and early mornings with no breaks are in order. When you get signed it’s only the beginning!

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