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Top 6 Ways To Get Your Act Featured In A National Magazine

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Whilst working in the field of PR particularly within the music industry, the question that I get asked the most is how do I get my act featured in a top magazine?

Being featured in national press is an excellent way to maximise your exposure and build your brand awareness and even draw in a new fan base, although it is becoming more increasingly difficult in today’s market with such a vast influx of new emerging artists.

The tips below will help you:

1. Build On Existing Press

Many people are unaware of how important it is to build on previous press, once you get people to start talking others will soon start to listen. This is essential for  new artists and the best way to begin the process is to start with regional. Regional press is notably a lot easier to achieve than national press, there is less competition and the local angle works really well. Once you begin building your repertoire of clippings it will be easier to target the big leagues.

2. Write A Good Press Release

A good press release is imperative to enhance your chances of being picked up by national press as it conveys all the information needed by the journalist to determine whether or not they like you. It is said that a press release has 20 seconds to invoke the interest of the reader so get to the chase and don’t deter from the message you are trying to convey. A solid press release has a beginning, middle and end with factual information that is not clouded by fancy words or poetic gestures. A press release should also have a link to the record, a video (if you have one) and any gig listings.

3. Get Out There

You will be surprised to know how many acts get written about by simply getting themselves out there. I know from previous experience that magazines such as NME write about music that they have heard.  This is from word of mouth and more importantly by gigs they have went to. Gigging is excellent experience to hone your craft but also to get noticed. Look in gig listings for locations that other artists are spotted and try and secure yourself a spot.

4. Follow Up

The amount of emails that a journalist receives a day is enough for anyone to have a mac meltdown but it is important to make sure your email stands out. Try and find a journalists contact details, this is predominantly found in the front or back pages of any major magazine, write to them thank them for attending your show. If you have felt inspired by any of a journalists articles tell them, they will be more inclined to remember you.

5. Sometimes It’s Not About The Music

You may be so caught up in your release, you can forget that you have other traits or newsworthy information that people would like to listen too. This can be a story that is relevant in the press that you can use as an angle to promote yourself. Something that I learnt from my vast experience in PR is that piggy backing on the publicity of another story can be used in your advantage. This can be your use off fashion, a story in the news that you support or a message behind your music that means something to someone.

6. Don’t Give Up

People can often become disheartened when after all their efforts their music doesn’t get picked up, but that’s not to say you should hand in the towel. Statistically it takes a few goes before you start to get heard, this can be down to a journalists choice of music or even how they are feeling on the day. But once you get that golden ticket it will make it that more easier in the future to secure more press and even reach the ears of major labels. So my advice is don’t give up, if it was that easy it wouldn’t be worth it in the end.

This article was written by Conor Mallon, Senior PR Executive for Ditto Music.

For more information about Ditto Music’s promotional services click here.

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