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Traditional artist’s development challenged

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Traditional methods of artist development have always been centred on record labels investing in countless amounts of funding to produce the best tracks, trademark and image.

However, in recent years this traditional method that has worked for years has fast been challenged. By having a clear imagery in mind, you are able to develop yourself without breaking your bank. Companies such as ‘Funnel Music’ are doing exactly this. With a bold statement of aiming to “redefine the global music industry”, it aims to use its in-house resources to mentor and record artists at a reduced cost.

Here are a few ways traditional methods of artist development have been challenged and a few techniques you can use in developing yourself.

It’s ok to make it cheap, just make sure it sounds good

 Whether you are starting out or an established artist or label, it’s important to make the most of making records at a reduced rate. In previous years, labels and industry professionals would often invest countless amounts of money on recording studio fees but as you now know, you can record and build your own in the comfort of your home.

What major and indie labels are really after is creating a product without having to regain a lot of that money back. Think about it, the less the artist is in debt the more they can be developed upon.

Get yourself a mentor



 We find traditional methods of artist’s development were centred on business minded managers compared to music minded ones. Although having a business presence is important in your professional career, having an individual who can relate to you not only in experience but understanding and empathy will help you develop your artistic side in artist development.

Market and KNOW your market

 Once you have something to offer and you know your brand and trademark you may just be ready to release your music. We live in a world where artists no longer need to rely on record labels to promote their product. Part of artist development is in knowing where you will release your music and the market it is going to…having a vision. With the extensive turn in digital technology and it being one of the most effective routes for artists and professionals, getting to the fans themselves is easier than it’s ever been. For example, putting your music on Spotify, YouTube and connecting through social media outlets.

Evidently, we don’t have to pay thousands of pounds to help each other grow and this is becoming more and more common knowledge. Companies such as Funnel Music and our community at Music Gateway are able to meet the changing requirements of a diverse industry as musicians, industry professionals and the public connect, create and develop.

A couple of websites that will get you on your way to develop as an artist include:

Indie On The Move

                – This is a great website to help indie artists book a tour without an agent.

Radar Music Videos

            – This site out of the U.K. connects artists and small labels with professional filmmakers who can produce videos on the cheap.

Funnel Music

           – “A music incubator” company aimed inviting musicians, industry professionals and the public to join us in making this a great place to create, develop and interact.

Songcraft Presents

         – Run by Ben Arthur, Songcraft brings new artists into the studio, where Arthur and his crew help the artists write, record, mix and master a brand new song — all within three hours.

If you need to hire a producer, mixer or engineer masterer to make the final touches of your track great, have a look to see what our Music Gateway community can do for you here. Alternatively, you can get a graphic designer, PR companies or publishers to help you promote your stuff through Music Gateway – Sign Up Today.

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