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Why Should You Pay For A Music Producer?

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Why do I need a professional producer? This is a question I have discussed quite a few times with fellow musicians. I remember when my band decided to record our first song I started thinking of the benefits of a professional recording against a free/DIY one with the main issue being our budget. Now a few years down the line I have gathered a number of reasons to back up investing in  professional recordings and I hope this article  helps all of you out there wondering  what the best  approach to recording your music is.


Recording with a friend who has studied music tech at college, or with band mates at home after looking up some audio production tutorials could be fun, but the question is; Would it lead to the desired recording? Would it give justice to this new great song you have written?

When you pay for a producer, you pay for their experience. They should have the skills to bring your vision to reality. Finding someone that understands your style of music could mean that you would spend less time recording and the result might be even better than you’ve expected.

It saves time

You don’t want to be tracking the same song over and over again because “the last recording wasn’t that good”. If you get a recording you are fully satisfied with you would be able to keep it forever and then focus your time and energy on new projects.

Good quality gives you that professional edge

Investing in your music shows that you take your music career seriously. This would make you look good in the eyes of industry professionals, distinguishing your work from other artists because you have put money, time and effort into creating this recording.

Adds value

If you want people to spend money on your music, you should provide a good quality product. You have to show value to your fans, to make them want to purchase your single, E.P. or album and the first step is a good quality recording.


Furthermore the producer could help your project by introducing you to their network of connections they have established in the industry. Don’t forget that this recording is a part of their work portfolio, and its success would bring their profile up, so they would push you/your band as far as possible.


Baring all this in mind remember that you can use Music Gateway to find your perfect producer. Simply post a project, define the type of producer you need, your budget and once done you will be connected to our thousands of producers. You can then choose who is best suited to your project and start getting creative by using our workspace.

And a little advice to end with – don’t restrict yourself by only working locally. Our platform provides all the needed tools to exchange files and communication, letting you work on a global basis. I hope this article is of use to you and please feel free to share and tweet this to anyone you know that may benefit from reading this.

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