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Why you should use streaming services as a promotional tool

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In the current state of the music industry, we are fortunate enough to have the ability to access and utilise the world of digital streaming. By putting your single onto a streaming platform such as Spotify, you’re instantly promoting your music. There are so many listeners on Spotify its near enough impossible for it to go unheard and you open up your song to the many millions. Therefore, using streaming services as a vehicle in the way of transporting your single from the studio to the ears of your listeners is a no brainer. Here is a list of tips for promoting your single on world wide streaming platforms.

1. Start Your Own Playlist

We see artists, celebrities, companies and the general consumer creating playlists all the time and gaining thousands of followers. We call them the tastemakers, they create a playlist that draws people in. The key is to create a playlist of songs that a lot of people will be interested in, keep it current and contemporary and you’ll begin to gain more followers for that playlist. The next stage is to slowly introduce your own music into the playlist. Without realising it, followers of the playlist will be listening to your music. This is a great way of getting people listening to your music and gaining fans. Make your playlist stand out from the crowd!

2. Get On Existing Playlists

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many playlists out there that have thousands of followers. For example, on Spotify you’ve got Annie Mac’s “Hottest Records In The World”, which has over 80,000 followers. The question is how to get onto those playlists. A very popular and arguably great way to get onto a playlist is by submitting your music to BBC introducing. There are clearly many artists that have been successful from doing this; Marina and The Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, Catfish and The BottleMen and so many more!

DigSin are a new upcoming record label based in Nashville, their model is to give free music to those who subscribe to the label. They have put artists onto playlists on Spotify and the plays have gone through the roof for example; ‘Who We Were With’ passes 3.5 million streams, check it out here.

DigSin also got Lauren Shera’s “Stealth” on the “Your Morning Coffee” playlist which has around 135,000 followers, having her song on that playlist is an amazing promotional technique. This just shows by getting the right people to put your music on the right playlists can really be a great vehicle to promote your music. Forming a relationship with the tastemaker themselves is really vital because they are more likely to be willing to put your music onto their playlist. For example getting your music onto the “Your Morning Coffee” would be an amazing promotional technique as so many people follow and listen to that playlist.

3. Working With Streaming Companies

By working with streaming companies you allow yourself another avenue of promoting your music through streaming services. Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer are just some of the existing streaming services. In working with streaming services it is highly likely that you may be able to get your adverts. On Spotify for example a banner at the top of the page or an advert between music promoting your new single or even album! By getting in touch with artists services at Spotify you’ll be able to get your own banner on your specific music page and out more in regards to advertising your single, this is a fantastic way of promoting yourself to people listening to all music on Spotify.

Another essential place to put ads for your music is on Facebook, although this isn’t a streaming service, it is a great way to make yourself known and for listeners to then go and then find you on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and so many more.

4. Making Sure Your Music Is On As Many Platforms As Possible

By making sure your single is on every streaming platform possible your giving yourself a fighting chance that your music will be heard and played to a wider audience. Theres nothing worse for a fan to hear you live and to then go back home and try and find your music and for your music to be non existent. This is where promoting yourself by putting yourself on platforms is essential.

To get your music onto streaming platforms is very simple, theres a great company called “TuneCore” they are able to distribute your music onto the worlds best streaming platforms such as; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, google play, youtube and many more. By having your single on all of those platforms it would be very hard for someone looking for your music to not find it.

Not putting your music onto streaming platforms is a fatal mistake, for big artists like “Taylor Swift” putting her music onto Spotify isn’t a crucial matter, even when she took her music off of Spotify it wouldn’t impact her career as she has so many fans engaging in her music in a wide variety of ways that simply not being on Spotify won’t effect her.

Where as Independent artists thrive from getting their music promoted from online streaming platforms. It is arguably the best way to promote your single.

5. How Can Streaming Platforms Promote My Single?

So there are the top tips for utilising streaming platforms to promote your single, following the advice given will undoubtably make you stand out from the crowd and create a lot more exposure. Make sure you utilise every single streaming platform this is a simple and effective way of promoting your music.

You can get your tracks ready and complete for your streaming playlists by hiring a producer, mixer or engineer masterer to make the final touches. Alternatively, you can get a PR Company to help with music marketing and help you promote your music through Music Gateway – Sign Up Today.

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