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Your Music Gateway Profile – The Essential Guide!

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Your profile is the essential element to you obtaining project work and for us to issue you with notifications about relevant work opportunities. We MATCH projects details to your SKILLS & GENRES so the notifications we sent you are targeted, saving you time.

Your profile acts as a portfolio for others to view, it’s the building block you need to fully benefit from our platform and to entice other users to work with you and accept your pitches.

Below is an outline of the components you need to fully complete your profile;



We recommend that you provide a selection of your best released recordings or demos, rather than placing all your music here. The first thing another user will want to do is listen to the quality / style of your music, songs for vocals. If you don’t have fully finished and released music, then demo’s are fine and down to your discretion.


Add your press photos, company logo or artist images. People will want to your brand or what you look like, so don’t be shy. Imagery is important as it gives a face to a name and if your photos are of good quality it will raise your professional status in a users mind.

Upload the pictures which will represent you best; and also upload a profile avatar on the top left hand corner.


If you have any video content on YouTube, you can include this by simply entering the URL of your video into our embed player. You may have a music video, live performance, bio video on your company or anything else you want to showcase.

Videos are a great way to show what you/your company are all about. It encompasses audio and visual content in one place and is a great way to fully convince pitchers or project owners of your potential, entertain them and appeal to their emotions. Make it worth the watch.

It may just be an introduction video to yourself performing to camera. Just make sure you represent yourself in the best light.

Your Bio

Now not everyone has the time to watch a video so here is the alternative way of quickly pitching yourself. Include all the relevant information that will put you in the best possible light and convince profile viewers you are worth their time!

Include background information, achievements to date, plan for the future and if you have any include press comments to really raise your credibility. Don’t provide war and peace that will put people off for sure. Keep your copy short to point and snappy.

Skills , Genres, Industry Roles, & Business Services:


It’s vital you define these in your profile, as this is the criteria we match against new projects posted through the site and allows us to notify you of relevent work.

It allows other viewers see what skills your can bring to the table, what kind of music you write or perform and of course the exact what area of the music industry you work in.

If you don’t complete these we can’t provide you with targeted project work opportunities. Simple but crucial!


Feedback is obtained through the completion of project work and is provided by each user to each other’s provide. It also provides ranking within the site and increased positioning when pitching for work.

If you have a whole range of positive comments and a high average star rating, this will increase your chances of securing work, as it clearly shows you can be trusted to deliver a high quality level of work.

That’s it! Easy right?

So get updating your profile today and impress us all. We want you to succeed through using Music Gateway and we cannot stress enough how important a fully completed and intriguing profile is to reach that all important goal of attracting work or for professionals to work with you on your project!

Ready to go?

Just login to update your profile today.

If you have any further questions about setting up a profile then please email us at

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