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Eventbrite Review: What Is Eventbrite & How Does It Work?

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Eventbrite is a known name in the music industry. While it is already used by many artists across the globe, let’s take a look at what it could do for you!

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Another option for ticketing and managing events, Eventbrite is trusted by millions of users already. It has strong competition from many other platforms. This blog will detail what it is that Eventbrite does, and why it is worth choosing.

What Is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a US-based ticketing and event management website. Originally set up in 2006, the company has now expanded greatly. Eventbrite is thought to be the first major company of its kind, asserting itself in the US long before any other brand emerged. The company has since gone on to incorporate other worldwide brands (such as Spanish service Ticketea), and grow its presence across the globe. In 2020 alone, Eventbrite hosted a whopping 4.6 million events, in over 170 countries across the world.

Using Eventbrite, artists (and other industry members) can set up an event page, sell tickets, register attendees, and track their attendance through the same portal. There are no limits for the kind of event, either – you can create any kind of event from small to large; want to set up a high school reunion? Or a stadium-size show? Eventbrite lets you do both!

How To Use Eventbrite

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The site allows users to post an event, customize it, and promote it. Tickets to said events can be sold online or at the door with the free Eventbrite Organizer app (more on this later!).

The event pages you can create are fully customizable, as are the email marketing options provided by Eventbrite. Discount codes can be created and implemented, to entice people to purchase tickets. Merchandise can even be offered on the same page! Eventbrite allows the use of PayPal, too.

Event creators can even add things relative to the event – if it is a small, hidden event, a passcode could be written on the page… or any other imperative information such as things patrons should or should not bring, or a dress code. A map option is available to add to each page so that prospective party-goers will not get lost.

Eventbrite even has an app to help assist with your events – the Eventbrite Organizer. This can be downloaded onto Android and iOS systems. The app allows users to check-in attendees – including scanning tickets. The app shows overviews of sales, as well as allowing ticket sales using a card and cash payments.

Eventbrite uses up-to-date information collected from their own real-time insights to provide detailed predictions of how your event will perform, which can readily inform which kinds of marketing that prospective event managers should use. You can even embed Eventbrite’s ticket selling widget into your own website – eliminating the need for a new tab or redirection!

The Costs Of Eventbrite

a handful of money

There is a minimal cost involved in this service; every ticket sold, or add-on incurs a small fee (unless the event you have arranged is free). The cost varies per territory, currency, and package used. Note: some countries can have extra fees on the pay-out. Details of these costs can be found on Eventbrite’s website, but usually range from 1-3% of the total sale. 

Fees can either be added to the cost of the tickets to buyers or can be deducted from the price charged. Eventbrite has a handy dandy calculator to help you figure out how much you’ll be spending, too!

Tips For Using Eventbrite

  • Collect Customer Information
    Customer information, both willingly given and collected from registrations and sales, can provide amazing insight for artists and managers alike. By sending out survey requests after the event is finished, you can receive plenty of authentic information. As well as this, Eventbrite has an option to collect custom information (these settings are in the event summary page).
  • Use The Eventbrite Salesforce App
    Salesforce is an app available for use with Eventbrite. It allows users to analyze events and creates reports summarising the information. Salesforce can also send targeted campaigns to customers and potentials, too. However: make sure you have your payment details up to date – and have the Eventbrite Salesforce integrated properly – so you will receive your pay-outs from sales.
  • Make Use Of The Event Affiliate Program
    The event affiliation program is a great tool for extra loyalty with fans. Every time someone purchases a ticket or registers through the provided affiliate links, the affiliate earns some revenue. This can be set when the program is created. Note, it is up to you to pay out the owed revenue (Eventbrite won’t do this for you).
  • Cross-post Your Event!
    By publishing the event on Facebook (and other social media sites), and using the widget for artists’ own website, fans can easily locate the event and purchase tickets.
  • Use Google Analytics Tracking
    Eventbrite offers tracking of visitors using Google Analytics. This is a free service! Analytics tell us a lot of important information: where and who people are that are taking interest in the event page, even which keywords bring traffic to it. This very valuable information as it can help target advertisements and can show you where your audience actually is.

Eventbrite Competitors

Ticket Tailor

ticket tailor logo

Ticket Tailor is a simple site for selling any kind of event ticket. It is aimed at professionals, not fans; it works as a host site that you can integrate into your own website or as a full site separately. There is a neat WordPress widget available for just that! The site is easy to use and has many perks like free events not incurring any costs. The London-based company boasts a near five-star rating on Trustpilot for its’ functionality and ease.


songkick logo

Songkick has been around for a while. Founded in 2007, it is one of the industry’s older platforms. It works as an event search site – users can buy tickets through it for local and national events. The site works heavily with recommendations based on the users’ location and taste: by linking Spotify, users get a tailored selection of options. Songkick is definitely more used by fans than professionals, but it does have a Toolbox option for bands and industry members to set up their events. Simply fill out a form, wait for verification, and off you go!


bandsintown logo

Similarly, BandsInTown focuses more on fans than industry professionals. The main sell of this site is that it allows tracking and notifications of bands users follow when they post any updates. The platform allows ticket selling and functions as a marketing tool. Artists and event creators can send push notifications via email to alert fans of any shows. Bandsintown is mainly used for concert discovery – users can search by location, genre, or artist. Plus, Bandsintown can easily be linked to artists’ official tour pages, avoiding the need to make a new page themselves!

Our Conclusion Of Eventbrite

event information board

Eventbrite is a very helpful platform, for anyone involved in the music industry. It fills a gap that some other sites leave wide open – as it is aimed more at the professional users than the fans purchasing tickets through it (though this is still a very important part of the business!).

Eventbrite is able to be integrated into artists’ previous websites and tools and can add so much more to their technical repertoire. It is not the only option for online event management by a long shot but is a very solid option.

Have you or your band ever used Eventbrite before? Let us know!

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