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Music Distribution

Ditto Music Review: Is Ditto Music Any Good?

Photograph of the blog post author, Craig Brown

Craig Brown


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There has been an onslaught of numerous music platforms over the last several years, amongst a sea of several standouts such as CD Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid and now Ditto Music distribution. Find out how Ditto is helping the music industry evolve with our Ditto Music review!

Ditto Music

Ditto Music is a go-to distribution partner that artists can use to explore their music options based on their needs. While we can look at the CD Baby vs Ditto Music or Tunecore vs Ditto Music comparison, it is actually most comparable to Distrokid and us here at Мusic Gateway. Therefore, we will explore some of the differences between our own music distribution, Distrokid and Ditto Music later in this review.  

Ditto Music distribution sends music to 160 digital music stores, including Spotify, ITunes, Google Play, Vevo, Amazon, Apple Music, Beatport, Deezer and Shazam. Their main headquarters is in Liverpool, England. But they have expanded across 19 countries since 2017. 

As they continue to branch out, more artists are taking Ditto up on their promise to distribute their singles, EP’s and albums to all the top download sites. But is Ditto Music distribution really worth it? Read on to find out! 

The Benefits of Ditto Music 

You Get Paid Quickly!

A great advantage with Ditto Music is that you can get paid quicker than most other music distribution platforms once you have earned income from your music. This means that you can receive income earlier to assist with keeping up with the promotion, and other expenses necessary to sustain your career as an artist. 

There Are Over 200 Music Outlets

Ditto Music

As an independent artist, you have over 200 music outlets to distribute your music to. Ditto Music takes care of the distribution process for you, so not only can you focus on tending to your creativity, you don’t need to stress over the process. 

There is an option to customize your stores on the platform. You have the ability to add and remove stores according to your taste. This is another advantage over other music distribution services, where you have to notify them and wait for a lengthier timeframe to remove certain stores you feel are unsuitable for your music.

You can also set the geographic location of your songs. Therefore you can better target the locations that you feel your music would perform the best.

You Keep All Of Your Commissions 

Ditto Music doesn’t get any commission from your sales. This is one big advantage that a lot of artists would appreciate. You can be assured that a large chunk of your hard-earned money doesn’t fill the pockets of distributors.

Nevertheless, take note of the individual charges for most of the services that the site offers. You may not be aware of it, but it may even be more expensive than just getting a percentage of your earnings taken out. Therefore as an independent artist, do your research to see if this is the best system for you. 

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Pre-release Capabilities

Another great feature of Ditto Music is that they have pre-release capabilities. An artist can get label chart services, including trending reports from major streaming platforms such as Spotify and various others. This service is available on an hourly basis.

As an indie artist you can get updated information in real time about your songs and how they are doing online.  From sales trends, records sales, and major streaming platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play and other streaming sites. 

You can also take advantage of another feature which is their in-house playlist. This can give you an extra boost if you are given a chance for them to plug your music. 

Besides Ditto’s own inhouse playlist, as a Ditto Music artist, you have the potential to be featured with other popular playlists streaming on major platforms such as Spotify and many others.

The extra bonus is that Ditto’s own music playlist is also quite popular too.  Therefore, you get the best opportunity to promote your music worldwide and be more visible. As a result, your chances of maximizing your income, fanbase, and royalties can increase.  

Ditto Music – Opportunities On Vevo & YouTube

Ditto Music

Getting on Vevo is usually difficult for an independent artist without a record label representing them. But Ditto Music can also assist you in getting your music video on Vevo. Therefore you can expand your audience reach. They also provide analytics and reports about your music videos.

Almost every artist wants to have their music reach a wider audience via their YouTube page. If you want to have your music played on YouTube without all the extra effort, Ditto Music is to the rescue!

Ditto is certified by YouTube, therefore they follow all the necessary guidelines to ensure your music is properly monetized. There are also content markers on YouTube that can claim your full royalties via a YouTube ID

Set Up Your Own Record Label 

Ditto Music also allows artists to set up their own record label. This is a great way to set up your own business and be the decision-maker in handling your music. 

The starting price for this feature is $199.00. Followed by the premium at $399.00 and the most expensive is the professional at $599.00. You can choose which one is within your budget and makes sense for you as an independent artist and label owner. 

Music Pricing and Cost Transparency

Ditto Music

In a lot of businesses, there tends to be a lack of transparency. As a Ditto Music artist, you have the power to keep track of your earnings as well as royalties. Including the ability to check on sales via analytical report.

Ditto Music doesn’t take any of your royalties and earnings. The company seems to uphold the fact that they practice transparency. 

According To Ditto Music “We don’t hide any information related to extra charges involved in the entire process” – therefore the price you see is the price you get. Although Ditto does have other extra pricing systems as their competitors.  

When it comes to copyright issues, Ditto Music is very careful. Therefore you can be assured that once your music is released, it is good to go. 

The distribution platform assures that you give a digital fingerprint with every track you release. Therefore you can stay out of any potential copyright infringement situations.  Including any other potential and unintentional situations that can arise.

Ditto vs Distrokid 

distrokid logo

Like Distrokid, you can release an unlimited number of your songs as an independent artist for the price of $19.00. While most other platforms charge per every release of a track. For professional artists, the fee is $29.00 per year. For a record label, it’s $69 per year. 

Although Distrokid and Ditto Music might have somewhat of a similar pricing system – such as the initial starting fee for unlimited track uploads, Ditto Music offers far more download sites and promotional services to the artist. 

Distrokid might not provide these extra features, however, they keep it simple.They would appeal more to an artist that wants to get their music up and running fast, whilst still keeping things cost effective. 

While Distrokid seems to have a better customer service experience, there have been complaints about Ditto Music’s slow customer helpline. Including issues of accessing accounts even after several password changes and system updates.

However, depending on what you are seeking as an artist, such as label representation or access to promotional opportunities, Ditto Music might be a good platform to consider. According to their mission statement, their goal is to help you set up and run a successful record label as a business. Which sounds pretty good to us! 

Ditto vs Мusic Gateway

Here at Мusic Gateway, we have recently launched our very own free music distribution service!

We have many things in common with Ditto Music, such as our passion for helping aspiring musicians evolve and blossom into the music industry. However, although we offer a lot of the same things, we don’t charge anything for it. Yes, you head that right, it’s free!

Our incredible music distribution service gets your music onto all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. What’s more, you keep 100% of your sales and we don’t get a penny from you.

You can also master your tracks with us for free to make sure that you sound the best you can before your release.

In addition, a membership with Мusic Gateway gets you exclusive sync licensing opportunities and sync representation, music reviews, access to a global music indsustry marketplace to collaborate and even more. We may be biased, but we think this is the better deal!

To summarise, what makes distribution by Мusic Gateway so great?

  • You can distribute your music for FREE!
  • Keep 100% of your royalties!
  • Get free mastering to ensure your track sounds the best it can before distributing it!
  • Distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and over 300 more DSPs!
  • Instant set up, upload your music and go!

All of this and more allows you to successfully distribute your music through Мusic Gateway with no recurring annual fees.

Also, if you have songs released through other distributors, you may want to think about moving them to us! 

Most other distributors will take a cut of your streaming and sales royalties. So, move your entire catalogue to us and start receiving 100% of your revenue. 

It’s simple to transfer a song and we’ll ensure that all your listens, downloads and stats remain. It really is a no brainer!

Our Conclusion on Ditto Music 

Ditto Music

Besides customer service issues and a few (perhaps unwarranted) attacks on the platform, Ditto Music seems to be a great place for up and coming, ambitious artists. Artists such as Chance The Rapper and many other artists use the platform to distribute their music, so they must be doing something right!

However, Ditto Music might not be for everybody. With some research on what you are looking for as an artist, you can make the choice on which music distribution platform is best for you. 

But for an ambitious artist or a person looking to start their own record  label, Ditto Music seems to be a no brainer. Most importantly though, don’t forget us here at Мusic Gateway! 


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