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Music Distribution

Who Are Sound Mouse

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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A revolutionary company that specializes in music reporting services for the broadcasting industry. Sound Mouse has software that reports music usage directly to broadcasters and collecting societies, enabling them to detect the use of copyright material on radio, TV, online, and other media.

What Is Sound Mouse And How Does It Work

Sound Mouse keeps track of major TV and radio programs in the UK and internationally to report when music from its members has been featured. The service provides cue sheet services for broadcasters worldwide and keeps track of online music usage.

Sound Mouse’s fingerprinting technology is utilized by numerous performing rights organizations (PRO’s) to recognize the use of recordings in various media outlets, such as TV, commercials and radio. Additionally, Sound Mouse has the capability to auto-generate cue sheets for TV programs. 

Many Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) are turning to Soundmouse as a reliable source of performance information, while others do not accept Tunesat data. Music composers who create music for sync purposes would benefit greatly from using the service.

You can register royalty-free music tracks shortly after they are sold, and exclusive library tracks as soon as they appear on the PRO dashboard. It is advantageous to also register alternate versions. If you utilize Tunesat, it’s important to verify that each TV detection has its track registered on Soundmouse. While it is possible to register every track you release, it may require a bit of extra time and effort.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Sound Mouse brings together PRO registrations with actual sound recordings and puts a “face to the name”. Using this platform is the best way to ensure you get paid on time from your PRO. This app utilizes fingerprinting technology to make sure no uses of music go unaccounted for. While Tunesat is good for detecting uses of shows, Sound Mouse offers a more reliable and official service.


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