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Music Industry

Music Review: Avie Sheck – Black $ummer

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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As one of the most creative, innovative, and intricate R&B songwriters currently on the rise, you should watch out for Avie Sheck. He just dropped his latest single ‘Black $ummer’, a taste of his upcoming EP; prepare yourself with a journey of weightlessness, dread, and elation packed into a three-minute runtime.  

Avie Sheck

As it relates to R&B, Avie Sheck’s music is of the future; steeped in the dark rhythms and sonics of today, meticulously invented for a 21st century audience. Avie offers dramatic production alongside mesmerizing vocal creativity. His enthralling live shows, intimate songwriting, haunting voice, and diverse instrumentation make him an artist to watch closely.

Sheck’s music also encompasses a world-reaching approach; from his Thai and Japanese upbringing, to the classical Indian music his mother taught him, to his discovery of Nu-Metal and RnB/Hip-Hop. Avie’s sounds flow freshly into the modern Alternative Pop and RnB landscape.

Black $ummer

As if it exists somewhere between Crystal Castles and Giveon – which is remarkable in itself – ‘Black $ummer’ is yet another example of Avie Sheck’s uniqueness. Exploring the lows and highs of drugs, and more broadly our lockdown vices, the track is separated into two distinct parts.

The first is led by a lone, solemn guitar riff, which is soon accompanied by a massive, rolling, thrumming bassline. Avie and producer AlchemyOnThaBeat pitch and layer his voice to a stylistic tee, becoming distinctly threatening when lowered, and euphoric when returned higher. The resulting product is an ominous, but mystically beautiful, dark R&B soundscape.

Then comes the Gregorian chant. You heard me – the sample of what sounds like some kind of gothic choral chant, chopped and twisted as a transition into Avie’s manic high. It goes without saying that Sheck and AlchemyOnThaBeat are a force to be reckoned with; their combination of intricate songwriting, charismatic performance and monumental production successfully craft the most refreshing tracks found in dark R&B. ‘Black $ummer’ not only takes the stage as best among its peers, but rips up the rulebook and incites a riot too. 

Check out ‘Black $ummer’ on Spotify now:

If you want to keep up to date with Avie Sheck, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.    

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