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Music Industry

Music Review: HOPI – Grace

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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Italian alternative rock band HOPI is making serious waves. With only two tracks released so far, thousand of listens have already flooded in – and it’s no surprise why. This group is releasing some of the freshest, most innovative alt-rock currently on the scene.


Hailing from beautiful Abruzzo in central Italy, HOPI made it their mission to rattle their country’s music scene. Talking about their formation, the quartet agonised over ‘how to make music that could make them truly proud of being musicians, with the purpose of disrupting the stiff Italian musical landscape.’ 

For sure, there’s nothing ‘stiff’ about HOPI’s music. These guys write and perform tracks with remarkable fluidity and atmosphere, creating moody verses that blend seamlessly into gargantuan hooks. The band’s influences (according to their absolutely impeccable Spotify playlist) range from hardcore punk to mellow hip-hop. HOPI are set to be pioneers of Italian alt-rock, because we’ve not seen anything like this before. 


Released in May, ‘Grace’ is HOPI’s second release following their debut single ‘Dummy’. We highly recommend you watch the track’s music video above; considering its quality, you’d be surprised to learn that HOPI isn’t a household name yet. Seriously – these guys, and their production team really know what they’re doing.

The sample that’s heard immediately as the track starts is my personal favourite feature of ‘Grace’. It’s glitchy, grungy, and ominous – traits perpetuated moreover as the sample loops around throughout the song’s entirety. Mauro’s close vocals further add to the intrigue of ‘Grace’, before Riccardo’s thick bass and Massimo’s hip-hop style drum beat bursts through the fog. Further towards the song’s end, Lorenzo’s guitar replicates that sampled melody in a crunchy, vicious, immense climax.

‘Grace’ is absolutely a project of love, created by veteran musicians. These four guys have performance chemistry that seems as if they’ve been together for decades, despite HOPI only taking form two years ago. They weave their playing together immaculately with the help of renowned Canadian producer David Newfeld, and write some of the freshest, most innovative alt-rock material we’ve heard in a long time. HOPI is destined to not only disrupt, but completely reshape the Italian music landscape. 

You can check out ‘Grace’ on Spotify now:

To keep up to date with HOPI, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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