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How To Get Verified On Twitter As An Artist: Our Guide

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Jodie Francis


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Artists, musicians and public figures work hard and require lots of determination to get your music out into the world and heard by people. With the advent of the Internet musicians’ lives have been made a whole lot easier. Social media, especially Twitter, is great for promoting your music and connecting with your fans. Having that Twitter verification, otherwise known as the Blue Tick, can help instantly boost your profile. What’s more, it’s so easy to apply for verification now. But how do you get verified on Twitter?

how to get verified on twitter

This article will, you guessed it, tell you how to get verified on Twitter!

Be sure to stick around until the very end so you don’t miss any key information.

Why Use Twitter As An Artist?


Social media, in particular Twitter, should never be underestimated in a musician’s career. It’s a great free space for you to connect with an unlimited amount of people. You can gain a whole new legion of fans by posting about your lyrics, music style and engaging with fellow musicians. 

Some musicians/artists utilise Twitter to share their personal story of how they got into the industry – people love hearing about humble beginnings that then lead to inspiring success stories! A great way of engaging with your fans is to host a Q&A session with a specific hashtag. 

Twitter acts as a promotional tool for your music, and you never know what could come out of it – you could be spotted by a big record label or by a band you admire that want to collaborate with you on a song!

Thousands of successful people in the music industry are now active on Twitter. Did you know that 50% of the top 50 most-followed people on this platform are musicians? And this actually rises to 80% of the top ten most-followed people! 

So you never know what could happen if you get verified on Twitter, you could grow your brand to starry new heights from all the exposure you will receive. 

Getting Verified On Twitter 

Let’s break down all that you need to do to get verified on Twitter. Don’t worry if you aren’t really good with technology, as it is super easy!

Complete Your Twitter Profile 

Mobile Phone Twitter

It goes without saying that in order to be verified on Twitter you will need a complete profile. This means including a profile picture and a cover photo, as well as your name, birthday and biography. Oh, and your website if you have one. 

To edit this personal information, simply click on the ‘Edit Profile’ section and then you’ll be able to make your additions. A little tip, all of your information (especially your pictures) should relate to your music, as this gives you a better chance of gaining verification. 

Don’t worry if you want to keep your birthday private, as you can control who sees this information. Just click on the icon next to the box you entered your birthday details into and choose the option of who can see it. 

Confirm Your Details 

This is an important step in the process, as it allows Twitter to see that you are legitimate and not misleading them about who you are. You will have to confirm your phone number and email address.

You can do this by looking at your Settings menu for the ‘Account’ and ‘Mobile’ sections. 

Set To Public

go private on twitter

Setting your Tweets so that anyone can see them is not only a great promotional tool but an important step in the verification process. 

Head over to your Twitter Security and Privacy settings and look for the ‘Tweet Privacy’ box, then just go ahead and uncheck it.  

Fill Out Twitter Verification Form

How to get verified on twitter

This is the final step in how to get verified on Twitter. There will be a box where you will need to explain why you feel you deserve to be verified. You have a limit of 500 words to do this, so we advise you to draft this out beforehand. 

Expect to wait at least 30 days before any form of communication and review for the verification process to complete.

That way it won’t feel rushed and you can get all of your points across articulately. You should also prepare two separate website links that support your verification, such as your band/artist web page. 

Remember you will need to be logged in to your Twitter account to be able to request verification. 

Five Key Tips For Getting Verified  

Now you know the practical steps you need to take to get a verified Twitter account, we will impart our wisdom at improving your chances of being verified the first time you try!

Be Active

Stage performance

Being an active presence on Twitter is a great way of showing them that you are taking it seriously. You should engage with others on the site, and become an active presence in the music realm of Twitter.

This is something you should strive to do anyway, as it can help to boost your exposure. 

Think About Your Photos

twitter homepage

Plan to update your profile photo picture and cover photo carefully, as they are the first things that get noticed when you click on a new profile.

It could be photos of you performing at a live gig or while out busking – anything that signifies that you are an active artist. 

Be Specific

how to get verified on twitter

In your Twitter bio be as specific as you can, this could mean including any awards you’ve received or any accomplishments that you are proud of.

Doing this legitimises who you are, as well as working as a self-promotional tool. It’s a win-win!

Submit Lots Of Links

Lady on laptop using twitter

This helps maximise your chances of being verified, as Twitter will not only note your effort but also your importance. Think about all the places you or your band could have been mentioned and gather them together. 

This could be your own website, or a link to any awards or gigs you have played at, and any articles written about you. Include as much as you can and don’t be scared of showcasing your accomplishments!

Think Of Others In Your Twitter Pitch

kanye west twitter

Although your Twitter pitch is definitely a chance to big yourself up, don’t just talk about yourself or your band and how great you are. 

Utilise some of the space to explain to Twitter why you reaching more people will be good for others, and what positives you can bring to the table. 

Our Final Thoughts

how to get verified on twitter

We hope our guide for how to get verified accounts on Twitter has proved to you that applying for that blue tick has never been easier!

The benefits of being verified on Twitter for musicians/bands are endless. The main benefits are receiving more followers, which can result in more fans and engagement with your music

You can gain a whole new level of respectability and trust from people just by having that tick, and this can lead to paid gigs from people that discover you on Twitter. 

What’s more, you join a select group of people from the music industry that have the blue tick. And you never know, someone you greatly admire could reach out to you simply because you’re both verified!

So what are you waiting for? Start your application for Twitter verification today and watch your musical career grow!

Are you verified on Twitter? We’d love to hear all about how you did it in the comments below! If you enjoyed this article or found it useful, why not repost it to your socials? Be sure to tag us in your post @musicgateway!

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