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Meet The Editors – Kerry Mead & Issy Packer from The Everyday Magazine

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We recently caught up with Kerry Mead and Issy Packer from The Everyday Magazine to talk all about their journeys so far in the industry, who they’ve covered in the past and how you can get your own music featured with them. Let’s dive in!

Hi Kerry and Issy! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you both got into the industry? 

Kerry: I’m a mum in my mid-forties living in Bristol, and have always been music-obsessed, taking advantage of the great music scene here in the city for the last twenty five years I have lived here. As I get older my love of a festival field, a sweaty basement club, the kick from discovering new, hidden nuggets of talent or being part of a huge crowd watching a headliner does not seem to be abating! 

After a career break a few years ago I rediscovered my love for writing, and made the decision in 2019 that writing in all its forms is what I wanted to do going forward. I started picking up freelance writing gigs whilst developing my own creative non-fiction and opinion journalism work, and submitted some personal pieces to The Everyday magazine when it started up in 2019, including a gig review.

As the magazine grew Jess (The Everyday’s chief editor and founder) asked me to come on board as music and arts editor; it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring together my love of writing and my obsession with music, so I jumped at the chance. I now do most of the music artist interviews for the magazine, as well as, alongside Issy, developing Everyday’s fortnightly live gig nights on our Instagram Live and the monthly Spotify playlist.

Issy: I graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in English Literature in 2018. I love reading, particularly novels, and I love to write so an English Lit course was the obvious choice! After graduating, I went travelling with my twin sister for seven months which was an incredible experience, I met so many amazing people.

When I returned home in September 2019, I started writing again – I used to write theatre, film and music reviews at university but it had been a while! As the magazine grew, I joined the magazine as Film Editor before becoming Film and Music Editor. I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life and have always been passionate about both film and music. Growing up, a lot of my friends were in bands and I used to go to The Louisiana, the Thunderbolt, Crofters Rights and many other places to watch my friends and since then my love and knowledge of music has grown massively.

Kerry Mead and Issy Packer from The Everyday Magazine

Who are your favourite artists that you’ve featured so far at The Everyday Magazine?

Kerry: That is a really tough one! The majority of artists I have met through the magazine have been a pleasure to talk to and feature. If I had to choose I would say Try Me and Grandmas House, mainly because they are both bands who are proper stars in the making as well as being talented, friendly, grounded, and having so much to say, and I have loved watching their audiences grow and their music and vision taking off.

Issy: That is difficult because they are all so different! I also love our The Everyday Gig Nights on Instagram. I love Harry Brazier because he did so many beautiful covers and also Don’t Tell Your Mother because it’s like a massive party when they went live! All of the people we’ve interviewed though have been so lovely and supportive of the magazine.

What do you think the most rewarding part of your roles are and what motivates you both?

Kerry: A lot of the artists we interview are just starting out in their music careers. As mentioned above, I love watching artists I have interviewed growing and getting recognition; there is nothing better than turning the radio on and hearing a single getting airplay, hearing that those musicians are getting out there to a growing audience and others are getting the chance to enjoy their music and energy. When I heard Grandmas House’s latest single on 6 Music recently I did a little whoop and dance in the kitchen; and still get warm fuzzy feels whenever I hear it played.  To know my interviews are helping artist’s music being discovered by more people, even if it is just a small part of their journey to wider recognition, is really motivating. 

As well as music I love people; I love talking to people, getting to know people, and delving deeper into what makes people tick. Interviewing bands and artists gives me an opportunity to get to know people I wouldn’t normally come across in everyday life. I have interviewed people from all over the world, from all walks of life, over the years I have been on the editorial team here, and that has been a massive privilege. 

Issy: I have to agree with Kerry, I’m quite a sociable person, I love going out and meeting new people and that is definitely what motivates me. It was extremely daunting at first when I started interviewing people, I experienced imposter syndrome for a while and I was so worried that people would think these were stupid questions or I didn’t come across well – especially over the phone! 

I have overcome that and I don’t get half as scared as I used to! That’s probably one of the things I’m most proud of, being able to feel comfortable and confident that I can do this and I wouldn’t feel that way without the lovely artists and musicians I’ve met along the way.

What are the key things you look out for in the artists that you cover at The Everyday Magazine?

Kerry: It has got to be passion for what they are doing rather than just wanting more PR and exposure. We love supporting artists who have something to say beyond the press release. In a way that matters more than just talent; people who can bring something extra beyond the music to our readership, whether that is a different way of looking at the world, inspiring our readers in some way, their politics or just plain old personality and spark.  

Issy: Absolutely, people who are passionate about music – not just those who love making it but those who can also point to other musicians and appreciate them and be inspired by them. Music is such a collective experience and it’s always to know that, no matter who you are or how many followers you have, you can appreciate others doing the same thing as you.

Do you have any advice to give to upcoming, independent artists that are pitching their music to you – are there any do’s/don’ts?

Kerry: As I said before, we want to get to know the people behind the ‘brand’, be open, enthusiastic and passionate – that is what we love at The Everyday! 

Issy: Anyone who is passionate about what they do is a big draw – I love speaking to people who are passionate about their interests, whether that be politics, music, film, etc. because it’s always such an interesting conversation.

Are you working on anything new and exciting for the music section at The Everyday Magazine that you’d like to shout about?

Kerry: I started working as music editor at the beginning of the first lock down in March 2020, it has been a surreal experience writing about music without actually getting to experience any live music, which is such a huge part of the music experience for me and the musicians we feature. As the world starts to open up again you can expect a lot more features and writing about live music; I for one can’t wait to get away from my desk and computer screen and get out there on to the physical music scene again, so watch this space!

Issy: We have so many exciting, community-based ideas across the whole of The Everyday but I am so excited to watch live music again with some friends! Watching the music industry struggle throughout the pandemic has been incredibly difficult and we just want to support venues, musicians and the industry in any way we can so keep your eyes peeled for some events, reviews and more interviews.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us guys! It’s been a pleasure.

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