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Music Industry

Music Review: Rue – Do Your Worst

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Music Gateway Team


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Rue only released her debut single ‘Do Your Worst’ in May, but she’s already making a name for herself in the UK’s R&B landscape. Impeccably smooth and charismatic, Rue’s approach to modern R&B is distinctive – and bound to land her success.


A veteran when it comes to vocal performance, Rue is impressively well-travelled throughout the nebulous land we call ‘genre’. Having sung in Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame as part of a chamber choir, to performing classic rock for a former prime minister (place your bets), Rue is a virtuoso when it comes to vocal style.

It’s no wonder, then, that she’s able to blend grace and charm so effectively. Her music isn’t simply R&B, it isn’t simply soul, and her lyrics aren’t simply clear-cut. Instead, Rue harnesses purposive wordplay influenced by the likes of Dave, and the alternative elegance of Brent Faiyaz and Summer Walker, to create her own brand of R&B/soul. 

Do Your Worst

On listening to ‘Do Your Worst’, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming that Rue is an established household R&B name. Astoundingly impressive in quality for a debut release, this track has the potential to become a UK staple in the genre. Already having made its way to a number of Spotify playlists, it’s clear that others think the same.

In discussing ‘Do Your Worst’, Rue writes ‘the track depicts an unconditional love that is not swayed by the common themes of the 21st century’. Through the style of wordplay typically applied only to hip-hop, Rue is able to intricately express her dismissal of free flights, cars, and trips up the Shard in favour of true, uncommodified love. All this while weaving her flowing vocals among catchy, silken melodies. 

The fluidity of Rue’s vocals pairs satisfyingly with the track’s sultry, swaying beat. Thick bass tones transition ‘Do Your Worst’ between its chorus and verses, while plucked synths and subtle, reverbed guitar drop in and out of the mix. The drum track in the chorus is one of the most satisfying additions; hi-hats play double-time over the swaying ¾ rhythm, alternating between each ear. It’s hard to explain, but the unparalleled atmosphere of cool this creates is an absolute highlight – especially with Rue’s vocals so effortlessly flowing over the intricate beat. Seriously, listen to this track with good headphones!

Check out ‘Do Your Worst’ on Spotify now!

If you want to keep up to date with Rue, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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