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Check Out Chairman Bao’s Collaboration With Michi For ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

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Chairman Bao and Michi’s 2019 collaboration on single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ is soulful, powerful, and definitely worth a listen. Or two… 

Who is Chairman Bao?

Chairman Bao Michi Don't Let Me Go
Covert Art ‘Don’t Let Me Go’

In his early years Chairman Bao grew up in Hong Kong. He then spent about 7 years in the UK for school. His mom had always been into classical music, and taught music at a local school. Overall his musical influences include old school hip hop, boom bap, jazz and classical music. 

Interestingly, his name ‘Chairman Bao’ is a reference to his “love of baos, Asian steamed buns often with savoury fillings that you can find everywhere”.

Chairman Bao credits his greatest musical achievement as being recognised and elected into the Composers And Authors Society of Hong Kong, as a songwriter.

How did this collaboration come about? 

Chairman Bao was introduced to Bangkok-based songstress Michi through a mutual friend, Canada-based Lamchop, who is also a musician . While it was Michi’s “amazing” vocals motivated the pair to collaborate. 

Why ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ deserves a spot on your playlist…

Chairman Bao’s simple guitar intro creates an acoustic atmosphere. This fuses harmoniously with the neo-soul bass line as it drops. The soft instrumental works as the perfect compliment to Michi’s vocals.

Chairman Bao tells me that the song is “a very personal one for Michi”. Throughout the track this feeling is prominent, and certainly highlighted in Michi’s powerful vocals.

Specifically, we hear her address the vicious cycle women often find ourselves stuck in, while searching for love, but facing constant objectification. For me, it is Michi’s voice that truly completes the track. Bringing powerful vocals, sultry tones, and a soulful vibe.  

If you haven’t already, listen to the single here: 

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