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Elyaz Takes Us On A Journey Through The ‘Wildlands’

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Here’s our review of ELYAZ’s 2020 release ‘Wildlands’. It’s a song that takes us on a journey through wild landscapes and the beauty of nature, with the overriding message that we are here to protect and respect our planet.

New Track: ‘Wildlands’

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The instrumental features a melodic piano, strong bass line, and harmonious string section. While it does it’s part in bringing the track to life, it is the powerful, layered vocals that mark this single as the hit it is.

With it’s emotional, yet triumphant atmosphere the song takes on an anthemic sound. The metaphors flowing throughout the track are displayed as easy-listen, catchy lyrics. Making this one that is sure to stay on repeat in your head, and on your playlist! While ELYAZ composes music with meaning, he also creates tracks that are ready for the clubs and festivals.

Italian musician ELYAZ takes us with him on his picturesque journey through the ‘Wildlands’, unravelled throughout his sonically pleasing, yet experimental track.

Listen here:


ELYAZ is a multi-talented Italian musician. Though he is predominately a producer and DJ, he also lends his skills to songwriting and the occasional vocal tracks. ‘Wildlands’ is just his second single to include his powerful, raspy vocals, although you wouldn’t know it upon listening.

Photograph of musician ELYAZ

Earning high numbers on the most famous music platforms, ELYAZ presents his tracks mainly as a DJ. His projects explore concepts and tell evocative stories, taking the listener to faraway places. With his drive and ambition there are no boundaries.

He puts every part of himself into his work, taking a global approach to music production. With a delicate touch for Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, he achieves total creative control and freedom.

ElYAZ is able to combine his instrumentals with his guitar playing, piano skills, and vocals to produce songs set to resonate with both EDM fans and casual music listeners.

As a gifted music producer, singer, and musician ELYAZ (Mauro Elias Morone) aims to always lend a unique sensibility and feeling to his compositions and arrangements. A goal that is driven by his ‘burning musical passion’.

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