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The Blunders – The Outrage Industry

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Utterly blistering and proudly unforgiving, The Blunders are exactly what the punk scene needs in 2021. Their track ‘The Outrage Industry’ is a scalding release of fury at “England’s latest decline”; and essential listening for any punk fan. 

The Blunders

The Blunders

Known for their galvanizing live shows, The Blunders have been gagging to return to gigs and festivals. They watched the live entertainment industry get hemorrhaged by repeated lockdowns; a further factor behind their unbridled ferocity. Playing a fantastic string of festivals in 2019, including Boomtown and Germany’s 3000Grad, The Blunders consequently built a significant reputation as ones-to-watch throughout Europe’s punk scene.

Thankfully, they’ve been booked for multiple upcoming shows, for instance joining fellow Wiltshire punk legends Subhumans on tour in January. Indeed, the pandemic hasn’t been downtime for The Blunders – in fact, they’re more frenzied than ever.

The Outrage Industry

As the first track of their recent EP ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better’, ‘The Outrage Industry’ wastes no time in shoving the listener into The Blunders’ rage pit. Grabbing post-punk and dance-punk by the collars, this veteran trio will have your hair standing on end, while your feet keep moving. 

That perfect concoction of furious danceability is why The Blunders have made a name for themselves as incredible live performers. Above all, we should be utterly losing our minds to this track in a festival tent; followed up by laughs, smiles, and boogies when the band plays their caustically funny fan favorite ‘TV Bastard’.

Punk isn’t truly punk though until it becomes an act of resistance. Chiefly, The Blunders aren’t faking it. These guys incorporate some of the most blistering attacks against the British news media, the government’s crisis handling, and Facebook conspiracy theorists – all the while bringing a fresh perspective into the modern punk scene. The Outrage Industry is filled to bursting with crashing drums, thundering guitars, and the band’s iconic shredding vocals, belting the prudent war cry “I can’t believe it’s not better!” 

You can check out ‘The Outrage Industry‘, and the full EP, on Bandcamp now!

To keep up to date with The Blunders, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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