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Music Review: Voyce Memos – Meticulous

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Music Gateway Team


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Filled to the brim with funk and flair, alternative three-piece multi-instrumentalist band Voyce Memos returned earlier this year with their sophomore album ‘Chronology’. ‘Meticulous’ is its lead single – and a fantastic one at that. 

Voyce Memos

Based out of Houston, Texas, Voyce Memos are a hard band to define. You can categorise them under that ever-present umbrella term ‘indie’, but that wouldn’t do them justice. Made up of multi-instrumentalists Richard Borger (also vocals) and Akash Gupta, as well as versatile drummer Stephen Mokulis, Voyce Memos’ tracks are a canvas of genre, vibe, and instrumental flair. 

Citing influences ranging from Tame Impala to Radiohead to Daft Punk, Voyce Memos are versed in crafting atmospheres with funk. ‘Meticulous’ is a leading example of this trio’s talent. 


In the band’s words, ‘Meticulous’ was written as ‘a reflection on dealing with OCD and being a perfectionist, and the overbearing feeling which that can create’. The track’s contemplative instrumental cleverly juxtaposes Richard’s lyrical matter; instead of invoking that overbearing feeling, it’s like time is standing still for the narrator while they battle with change. 

And change the track does throughout its runtime – piano and saxophone flourishes increasingly flit in and out of earshot, mirroring the track’s theme of a lack of control. All the while a repeating funk bassline and intricate tick-tocking drum beat drives ‘Meticulous’ forward, maintaining that sense of urgency. With its multi-layered references to time, it’s no wonder that Voyce Memos named their album ‘Chronology’

Additionally, outside of being a funky, pensive bop, it’s those piano and saxophone flourishes that really make the track. This is why calling Voyce Memos ‘indie’ doesn’t do them justice; infused with soul, funk, and that beautiful touch of jazz lounge, ‘Meticulous’ is far more than another indie track. The band teamed up with professional ballet dancer Mackenzie Richter to create a beautiful music video for the track, which you can watch above. Voyce Memos explain that in working with Richter, the music video ‘highlights the demanding practices coaches, parents, and oneself can place on being perfect at what they do, and discovering how to release from that mental and physical stranglehold’.

You can check out ‘Meticulous’, and the full album ‘Chronology’, on Spotify now!

To keep up to date with Voyce Memos, follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or visit their website.         

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