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Music Licensing

Мusic Gateway x New Balance Kids: Sync Placement With Bamtone

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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We are thrilled to announce our sync placement work with Bamtone on the range by New Balance for Kids Korea, in collaboration with Anthony Browne clothing!


The concept behind this incredible campaign was primarily music-driven. It required an upbeat popular production and catchy topline suitable for children, that could also be re-recorded with children’s vocals

Bamtone’s “Win The Day” came from our catalog of amazing artists. It had the perfect fun and youthful energy that the songwriters Scott Horton and Briand Melanson created. 

sync placement Anthony Browne

They were also happy to collaborate with the creative team at New Balance and re-imagine the track with fun children’s vocals, with the final product appropriately called “Dream Song”. 

Sync Placement & Licensing With Bamtone

Sync placement refers to the process of synchronizing music with visual media such as TV shows, movies, commercials, and video games. This involves selecting the appropriate music track and timing it to match the actions and emotions portrayed in the visual media. The goal of sync placement is to enhance the overall impact and emotional resonance of the visual media by using music to create a more immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Our brilliant Sync & Licensing Coordinator, Viraz Limbachia had this to say, “It was important for the selection of tracks that we pitched to our client to be fun, easy listening and memorable to appeal to a younger audience. Bamtone’s “Win The Day” which then became “Dream Song” had the perfect topline and production elements to fulfill New Balance’s vision of creating an innovative campaign!”

This campaign radiates so much energy that it’s hard not to love it! It creates a dream-like atmosphere that we adore and truly is one of our favorite sync placements yet. 

Your Time To Shine

Would you like to get your music in ad campaigns like Bamtone? Мusic Gateway can help you on the road to success! To find out more about our sync licensing services and how we can help you, book a call with our head of sync licensing here.


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