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2014 Winter Olympics: Music, Motivation and Sports

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Mary Woodcock


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Here at the Music Gateway HQ we’re keeping up with the Winter Olympics. Two days in, my personal highlight was the Ladies’ Snowboard Slopestyle. I do love extreme sports and I’m inspired by a sudden urge to learn how to snowboard. Every time I have done any type of sport I have usually had music playing in the background. So I felt curious about what kind of music the contestants like and if it has inspired or helped them with their performance.

The night before the competition, Gold Medallist Jamie Anderson relaxed and did yoga while listening to meditation music. On the following day she made her run with the Hip-Hop track “I Can” by Nas in her ears, which she says is a “very motivational track to truly believe in yourself and know that you’re capable of anything”.

British snowboarder and Semi-Finalist Aimee Fuller also shares the importance of music for her saying that “music is the key in the morning, to get amped up.”

Even though the range of music tastes varies a lot throughout the contestants (from the punk rock fan and Silver Medallist – Enni Rukajärvi, to Sárka Pancochová in fifth place who’s favourite genre is Disco) the important factor according to Bradley Busch (from the mental skills training company InnerDrive) is the personal meaning of the song, “the best results come from songs that have meaning to the individual.”

Studies show that a reduction in perceived exertion of up to 10% can be achieved because of the physical reaction to the emotions generated by music.

Who knows, your track could be the motivation behind the winning of an Olympic Medal someday, so keep on being creative and keep on working on new music projects through Music Gateway!
What kind of music do you listen to when you workout or play sports? Has it helped you place in first? Tell us your stories in the comments section below!

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