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Music Gateway – Reflecting On A Benchmark Year In 2020 – A Success Story

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Jon Skinner


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“It’s a wrap” as a film director would say. As we put a close on 2020, many of us have had to endure personal anguish, heartache and difficult times, putting it mildly.

Whilst the world has been in turmoil with a global pandemic and millions of people are struggling, we must stay strong and not forget that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

As a business, reflecting on 2020, we want to highlight the positives and state that it’s been an incredible year for us here at Music Gateway. 

We feel duty-bound to our stakeholders to share some positive news about our growth. We believe whilst there’s chaos in many quarters, let us not forget the positive aspects and opportunities that have come our way and be thankful for what we have. We all stand tall, proud of what we have achieved within the business, especially in light of these unprecedented challenges.

“2020 has been nothing short of a record-breaking year for us and it’s testament to how we have matured as a team and business to the ultimate benefit of our clients.” 

Jon Skinner CEO & Founder – Music Gateway

The path that many companies forge from their humble beginnings is often very twisted in reality, once you go-to-market and gain traction. Whilst many fall by the wayside, we have overcome unforeseen hurdles and taken advantage of opportunities that have presented themselves.  

“There have certainly been numerous twists and turns in the storyline that I wrote back in 2011, that’s for sure.” Skinner continues. “Our path has truly straightened and I’m pleased to be able to share with you some of our amazing growth achieved as we look forward into the new decade.” 

Let’s start by saying, Google loves us! Here’s some stats:

  • 81 million people clapped eyes on our brand in 2020 and 1.6 million people visited us from Google alone.
  • Our users increased by 700% from January through to December 2020
  • Our Google organic traffic is worth over $1.1m PPC per year & growing at over 20% month on month
  • Our revenue increased by 81%
  • Our services attract musicians from over 160 countries worldwide

“As a founding investor, it’s so rewarding to see what the team has achieved during a difficult period for us all. With over 9,000 musicians joining the platform each month, combined with an exponential month on month growth, the future looks partially bright for Music Gateway. A huge congratulations to Jon and his team.” 

Andrew Pepper, CEO – Snowhill Capital   

Having established itself as a leading Sync Licensing Agency and a Global Marketplace for talent to thrive, 2021 will see the Company introduce numerous new services to its loyal audience such as Artist Showcase Websites, Music distribution and Film Distribution. Investment in Music Publishing and Recorded Music will also follow. 

Music Gateway’s artist services will also continue to grow. The team set to expand to over 20 personnel and handle many more artist & label campaigns across digital media, streaming services (such as Spotify & Apple Music), global radio, through television and established press channels.

For any investor relations or partnership opportunities please contact [email protected]

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