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5 Music Technologies that make the future seem closer!

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We live in a digital Age. The future isn’t tomorrow. It’s now. With geneticists modifying mice to glow in the dark, and incredible brain scanning technologies. We wonder? What’s new in the music game? Where can we go from here?

5. Seaboard

This new keyboard design allows for impressive amounts of expression for artists to play on. There’s a great vid of Jamie Cullum having a mess about on one of these. Personally the team at Music Gateway cannot wait to get our hands on one of these!

4. Nagual Sounds

I’ve seen a few things like this before, but these guys have it down to a tee. Using the Xbox Kinect to track the body’s movement, they have hooked it up to software that allows control of things like when an instrument should play and other amazing things!

3. Silent Drum

I only recently discovered this, but I can see it having huge potential for electronic artists and for large evolving sounds like pads, and sound design in general in the studio.

Highlight: 8.00 mark.

2. Smithson Martin Emulator

This amazing multi-touch DJ tool allows for easier than ever DJ’ing, by having the benefits of analogue and digital! It’s probably the least futuristic on this list as multi-touch has been around for a while now, but it certainly looks the part!

I want to see Logic or Pro Tools on here one day! Go on Smithson Martin! Make a Multi-touch DAW (digital audio workstation) now we’re talking!

1. Mindtunes

This really is incredible. This is easily the most advanced thing on this list. The project that Smirnoff is sponsoring is aiming to transform emotion into brainwaves, and then brainwaves into sound waves.

The participants can control the volume of a particular sound and when things come in, and changing loops and tracks. Even DJ Fresh gets involved! Really incredible stuff, I can only imagine what this will be like in 10 years time, even 5 years time! Who needs instruments when you’ve got a brain!

Highlight: 6.15 mark.

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